Coffee Swap Goodness

So, more from last week (or thereabout).

I got my Coffee Swap package from Marisol.  She did a great job!

  • Kristin Nichols mug – already in the craft room
  • dark chocolate covered raisins – YUM!
  • decaf Peet’s coffee – oh, the scent is heavenly!
  • chocolate dipped biscotti – what could be wrong with that?
  • a skein of Scout’s Swag sock yarn in Million Dollar Baby – it’s acclimating so it hasn’t told me what it wants to become.
  • a beautiful CAT tape measure – The tail is the pull end! I love this!
  • All sent with a pretty Knitting Diva card.

    She didn’t send the cat, on the right…he just can’t keep his nose out of a picture!

    This was a fun swap and it was great getting to know Marisol.  We are sisters-in-coffee.  hee hee.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Swap Goodness

  1. Is this you, Laurie? Just wanted to say thanks for making my BlogBuddy Marisol happy with the swap. Haven’t met her yet but she writes and seems so very nice. Thanks again! Oh, I like the Judy wisdom on the sideboard there…

  2. So glad you liked your goodies:) How I wish I had a piece of that Biscotti you sent me right now. A nice afternoon snack sounds good right about now…

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