What’s Been Going On

Mostly photos, let’s hope.

I bought these last week for some light summer reading.

Undead and Unpopular  – DONE
Hello, Gorgeous! – DONE
Dead Sexy – Just started it.

Also listened to Mr. Monday and Skinny Dip.

Also in the line-up…


The Aperture book is a Mac program.  It’s a wonderful program – a Pro Application – for the Mac, if you’re into photography…or just like to mess with pictures!

There’s been a little knitting.  Mostly on Tom’s vest.  The back is almost done and I’m really pushing so I can start the (intarsia) front.

We’ve been making good use of Tom’s vacation.  Our garage had been down to walk-single-file status.  We bought a bunch of storage units and got to work building and eliminating some shit clutter.  I can’t remember the last time we laughed so hard…or sweated so much while working around the house.  It didn’t help that the temps were up into the high 80’s/low 90’s and the humidity was around 6000%.

There’s still more work to do but if you’ve ever seen the garage, this is a HUGE improvement.


If you look closely, you can see the wet tire tracks from my car.  On Sunday, I was able to pull my car ALMOST all the way into the garage.

We found a lot of stuff in boxes and bins.  Check this out…


Those are 1980’s work-out pants and tops.  I’ll NEVER fit in them again but I had to take the picture.

That’s it for now.  We are all pretty exhausted.

4 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. Great job on the work, your garage is looking fantastic.

    Nice…you were rocking the styles back in the day!

  2. I really should start posting on my blog what I am reading…such a good idea. Favorite book in recent months~Marley & Me. Currently~~Kite Runner, Atonement, Little House On The Prairie, Living Simply, Showdown. And, of course, devotionals and bible readings. Just like crafting, I usually have several things going at one time.

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