Because I’m trying to learn ANOTHER Pro-Application on my computer, I have no pictures to show you. Oh, they’re there…somewhere…but not in my dimension, apparently.

Luckily, my brother sent me this photo of a chalk carving he did a while back.

Tom’s going to be off from work for the next 10 days.  If you calculate in GW time (GW=golf widow) that comes out to about 4 or 5 days that we’re going to be doing stuff around the house.

Hopefully.   At the end of it all I hope to NOT be in traction or some other form of pain relief.  The garage needs a total clear-out and then we’re going to build the storage systems that fell on me (October 6th) last year.

And my bicycle is free!  I can start riding with a friend.  Dare I hope to be in better shape by the end of the summer?

I had a lovely day on Saturday.

Lunch with knitting buddies was first.  I got the short straw…NO…make that the short HAIR, in my sandwich.  No surprises there. LOL.  Manager took it off the bill and my buds were nice enough to sit with me while I ate, since they had already finished by the time my new lunch arrived.

Knitting group came next.  9 ladies enjoyed the hospitality of Panera Bread.  Nary a goggler in sight! Blogless Jane finished her VERY FIRST SOCK!!!  Jeanne helped her with the Kitchener and we all assured Jane that the world would not end if it didn’t come out perfect.

The skies didn’t darken, so we were pretty sure we weren’t wrong on that point.

There’s a Yarn Crawl in the near future, for us, and it should be great!  We’re going to 3 stores in Philly and then lunch.

Any Philly knitters with suggestions for a lunch place?  We’ll be at Loop, Rosie’s Yarn Cellar and Sophie’s Yarns.  I’ve never been to any of them and am E X C I T E D!!

After the meeting, Tom and I went to Rita’s, for a gelati (him) and a misto (me).  Perfect for the 800 degree day.  Then we wandered around an antique car show for a bit.  One of my bowling friends had a car in the show and it was a lot of fun to see the old Thunderbird’s, Nova’s and such.

I remarked how it was the first time in…a long time…that we did something that most people do all the time.  Relaxed, together, on a weekend.

More enthralling, exciting blathering to follow.  Don’t miss it!

7 thoughts on “

  1. Wow – that is some sculpture! 10 whole days – I think your odds are good to get some stuff done. And NC???? WHaaa? It’s hot there, you know. But Beautiful. But Jeanne and I aren’t there. Yarn crawl – woot!

  2. Glad you were able to steal some time away with Tom!

    Good luck on the work. I have been living on Advil for the past couple days – not fun. Hopefully Tom doesn’t snicker at you if you have difficulty moving around because you are sore. (Mine had a little fun this weekend watching me try to move around)!

    Your brother is a talented guy!

  3. Yarn crawl, woohoo! That sounds like fun. I’ve been to Rosie’s before. It has some really nice yarn. I liked it. Have fun!

  4. You know, its June. 5 days into June. And I check here several times a day, wasting gasoline to see if you’ve been around.

    Subtle hints.

    ps… Wes in the basket is my new screensaver! Cuteness. When is surgery day anyhoo?

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