What a week!

This has been the "Week of busy".

Dentist – FINALLY done!  Hip hip yada yada

Doctor – The allergist is earning his pay with me!

Listened to the audiobook "Mr. Monday".  It was a fun "read" and I’ve already downloaded "Grim Tuesday".

Vet – Poor Wesley.  We’ve had him for 1 year (on the 23rd) and he already needs his teeth cleaned.  Poor guy is prone to dental problems so now he’s got pre-surgery blood tests and the cleaning coming up.  Also having one of his "Marilyn Monroe" moles removed, just to be safe. 

Neither are that big a deal but I don’t look forward to taking his food away for the 2 fasts he’s got to do.  He’s a yeller.

AND…we have to start BRUSHING HIS TEETH.  Every day! 

I’m just glad we don’t have to floss them, as well.

The "K" key popped off of my MacBook and the space bar went on the fritz, making it very difficult to do much.  Both got fixed today after my one-on-one training. 

I finished Soleil, ripped Soleil (armholes were too big and the neckline was too wide), finished Soleil and now, I’m pretty sure, I have to rip again.

After doing the crochet edges, tried it on.  There’s still a flare problem under the arms so I think I have to take it back for 1 or 2 increases.  There’s no better way to learn than this!

Still love the yarn and should have enough left over to do the Lacy Bag (water bag, not yoga bag) in the current IK.

Knitting group tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that relaxing time.  Tom’s working all weekend – no shocker there.

Whew!  Done.

Everybody have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Yay teeth! Boo for poor Wes. Yay for finishing Soliel. Boo for having to rip. Yay! for knitting group. Booo for Tom having to work!!

  2. The armpits on my Soleil flare a lot too. I made it a couple of years ago and thought maybe if I was a better crocheter it would be better. I should have ripped it, but truthfully, I’ve been living with it.

  3. How do you brush a cat’s teeth? You are going to have to take pictures for the blog. Can’t wait to see Soleil! And yea for knitting group!

  4. Good luck with Wes. Squeek has a little tartar, but have yet to schedule the cleaning. I cannot even imagine trying to brush her teeth. We can’t even clip her nails, she has such a fit. When we take her to the groomers though, no problem. Frustrating little kitty!

    Eeww, more frogging. I would be giving up by now. 🙂

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