The weekend began with Mom ("I just keep up with traffic!") driving at the speed of light to get here for lunch with a friend and knitting group, on Saturday.  She didn’t have any knitting with her so I, graciously, gave her the Felted Laptop Bag to start.

She’s a bit shawled out and doesn’t like to wear handknit socks.  Couldn’t have her just sitting, empty handed, at the meeting, could I? 

As of last night, she had already done 25".  She’s a peach!

Wesley learned that he can jump into the kitchen sink – no, there won’t be photos of that. (Unlike his girlfriend‘s most recent photo shoot – my gosh, her fur just GLOWS!) He really enjoys it when I sneak up and scream my lungs out.  He jumps down, runs away and then comes back and rolls all over doing his "Aren’t I cute?" thing.

Sunday morning I was woken up, at 6:35, by the house alarm.  I should really start calling it the Mom-Wants-You-UP alarm.  You wouldn’t think a person could SHOOT across a waterbed that fast but if it was an Olympic event I’d probably win it.

Mom was all innocent looking and even drew the cat into her plan. "I was only opening the slider so Wesley could look out!"

She’s lucky I can’t open my eyes for about 15 minutes, in the morning, so I couldn’t see which direction to swing at her.

Seriously, I was laughing because it’s the 2nd time she’s done this at the butt-crack of dawn.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, MOM. 

And then, like the wind…POOF…she was gone.  Speeding her way back home.

I decided to take the day off and start a new project.
This yarn (Classic Elite Provence)…in this color (2697)…for this tank.

I got it last year from a friend.  When she gave it to me I nearly piddled on the floor.  Yes, I may have driven her nuts because I couldn’t find the color ANYWHERE (discontinued).  But I didn’t know that she had extra!  REALLY!  I heart this yarn/color.

It had to acclimate for about 9 months but now it’s all happy to be on the needles. And I couldn’t stop working on it.  All day Sunday.  All day Monday.  Had to (ugh!) work on Tuesday but I’m going to pick it up this afternoon…once my nails dry.

Yup.  Polished the nails.  Getting all spiffy for the bowling dinner, tomorrow night.  Livin’ in the fast lane – no pun intended.

7 thoughts on “Schtuffs

  1. Gernerally I have really liked most of the Classic Elite yarns – which is a nice thing since their mill (and therefore their mill *shop*) is only about a mile from my front door 🙂

    The Provence looks wonderful and I bet that top is going to be absolutely smashing!

  2. That is a lovely green color!

    Ooh show pics of the laptop case. I really, really need to make myself one. It could be my first felting project! Are you using a solid color?

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