The Sheep and The Wool

Can I get a Whoop Whoop!

Floating thoughts.

Maryland Sheep and Wool
Great Day
Lots of riding in the car

Anyone need that translated into coherent thoughts? 


Yesterday, at 7:30am, Chris drove up in her beautiful new Edge. We loaded in my stuff and took off for Maryland. 

7 minutes later we stopped at Starbucks.  What’s an adventure if it doesn’t begin with caffeine? (Yeah, I take decaf.  It’s the thought that counts.)

Like giddy teens we took to the highway.  GPS interjecting its wisdom every few miles or so.  Then…there was Chris getting…GASOLINE!

and me, sticking out of the sunroof

Don’t we look happy!?!

OK.  This was my first year at MD S&W.  It was crowded but not that bad.  We were able to slip into most of the booths and lay our hands on fiber.  Any fiber that didn’t get touched…well…I guess it just was missing out.

The layout of some of the booths was poor, only because the PAY lines seemed to block the LOOK AT OUR STUFF areas.  And some of the vendors (or their employees) would stand in front of an area, looking like the Secret Service, not letting you by them.

Overall I had a wonderful time.  The past couple of years have been downers in the Festival category.  This time I was with a great friend.  Never felt rushed.  Didn’t feel like I missed anything.

Someone kept trying to get me to buy a spinning wheel.  "Here", she said.  "You just do this…"

"Now YOU do it."  And so I did.  Broke the fiber right off the bat.  But she’s a great teacher and I was SPINNING!  ME!

Darn her.  She’s lit the flame.  Gotta go slow.  Must clear out stuff.  Must. Restrain. Myself.

"Buy one." a little voice kept whispering.  "Do it."  "Do it." 

I held out, tho.  I’m going to try friends’ wheels (hint, hint) and see what’s what.

I took some of my usual, fantastic photos.

(Left to Right. Top to Bottom)

The Funnel Cake stand – for Tom.
Sheep ignoring me.
Kids arm in front of Ram
Alpaca having a chaw
Wife yelling at hubby
Animal moving just as the flash is going off.

Went light on the spending.  If I saw it, and wanted it, I was gonna buy it.  So it just worked out that way.

Mountain Colors – Bearfoot – Wild Raspberry colorway.  YUM.

And another yarn that I cannot post because it’s for my Coffee Swap buddy.  🙂

I drooled over Claudia’s Handpainted Laceweight and Brook’s Farms worsted.  They just didn’t have the colors I wanted. 

We left around 2:30, had some lunch, and made it home by 8PM.  It took a while because we fell into some kind of GPS Time Space Continuum.  Nothing major.  More fun for the feeling of adventure.  Made light because of the company.


any $$ not spent is going back into the "kitty" for Stitches!

Now, I ask you, how can that be wrong?

4 thoughts on “The Sheep and The Wool

  1. It sounds like you had a great deal of fun. Thanks for letting me live a fibery moment through your life. I opted not to make the trip, but after reading your blog I wished I would have driven the 5 1/2 hours. Oh well, there’s always Rhinebeck.

  2. Sounds like a good time….you really should buy a wheel! Come try mine anytime you like! Want to go to NH Sheep and Wool?

  3. Thanks for posting about your adventures. Gotta live through somebody!

    But my goodness, that is all you bought?? The bearfoot is beautiful. I’m afraid if I went to one of those things I would go crazy!

    Good luck on the spinning… 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness!!! What a wonderful time you had! I am a little jealous but in a good way. I’ve always wanted to go to this Rhinebeck. Living on the west coast makes it pretty hard. I can’t believe you only bought one skein for yourself. Or did I miss somehting? You’ll have to let me know what you think about spinning… Is it really as addictive as they say it is? To think I live just a few blocks from Carolina Homespun!

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