Law of Averages

Bowling Tournament.  Done.

3 games yesterday.  6 games today.  Oy, does my hip hurt.

I’d say I did average.  They call it an average because there’s usually one game that’s totally awful.  When you factor in the other 2 games…well, you get the idea.  I was right there, average wise.

For those that haven’t fallen into a bowling talk induced coma, here are my scores:

  • 173-144-164 (day 1 – teams)
  • 190-104 (ouch)-168 (day 2 – doubles)
  • 179-162-145 (day 2 – singles)

Don’t be knocking the bowling.  It was fun.

I’m glad it was fun because I missed having lunch with the knitty peeps, yesterday.  And broke the land speed record getting to knitting group.

Also TOTALLY worth it.  We’re going to go on a yarn crawl this Summer. Watch out Philly!

Here are the photos from the Knitters’ Treat Exchange


Yummy chocolate cream cookies (Sunne had them shipped from Maryland to her house in Colorado, only to send them to me in Pennsylvania! LOL!)

Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight in a pretty green color. Oh so soft.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Worsted in the Childplay colorway.


Vogue Knitting mag. (The woman on the cover…um…what’s she doing?  Is it breast exam month?)
5280 Magazine – Denver’s Mile High Magazine
Great Scissors for my knitting bag
Kol Sea Salt (that aluminum tube) in "Picnic" – which has a cucumber/green apple scent

I also got a nice note and a small metal heart "stone".

Now I have to find something I can make with the sport-weight alpaca – I’ve got 220 yards of it.


8 thoughts on “Law of Averages

  1. She does look like she is doing a breast exam. I wish I could bowl like you. My average score is 33. Don’t laugh, I’m serious!

  2. what about a hat from the sport weight? Very nice exchange – I really need to get mine together and send it out!

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