So I’ve been trying to write a post, which is kind of difficult to do when there hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting done.

Still working on the vest. (Unless Jeanne asks and then I’m already working on my 2nd vest.  And I don’t remember actually AGREEING to the deal.  AND she really is that sloppy.  FYI…previous posts explain it.)

I got my KTE box this week and, once Tom comes down from the frenzy of travel, will take photos and post them.  Thanks Sunne!

Also got a few of my purchases from last week.

RATS!  It’s just no good without photos.

I’ve been pretty good with the NO yarn purchases.  Even though I got 2 coupons for % off at LYS, I haven’t gone.  I’m trying to save my $$ for MD S&W.

Yeah.  That’s right. I’m SO going. Me and my knitty peep, Chris.  Maybe next year she’ll have a booth of her own, for her beautiful pins.  That’s my hope for her.

This weekend I’ve got a 2-day bowling tournament and a Knitting Meet-Up, on the schedule.


By Sunday I’ll have real, live (kinda) photos to post.  With or without Tom’s help.

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