Rainy Sunday

More days gone by without being able to post.  I’ve been really stubborn about learning how to use my laptop.  So stubborn that my old laptop sits and cries from lack of use.

In the first 10 minutes of my weekly Pro Care session, the Apple Idjit Genius managed to lose all of my data.  Well, not so much LOSE as misplace.  But that meant that the rest of "my" hour was spent trying to fix what he had done.  Then I got to leave the laptop in NJ and pick it up the next day.  I sure hope the next appointment is more learning and less leaving.

While I was doing that, Tom was home redecorating the living room. (Names all creatively blocked, nice huh?)


And now he’s away on a work thing.  I miss him being around.  It’s good that he’s not here because he’d have to be driving thru this horrible rain we’re having for the next few days.  Instead, he’s working and golfing in the sun.  Nuff said.

Yesterday was knitting meet-up day.  I really enjoy going to the meetings – even when I can’t knit that much.  There’s never a bad time to get together with the knitty peeps!

Chris is working on some YUMMY, silk socks.  I did all I could to NOT drool on them…or take them when she wasn’t looking.  Now I know to be good or I’ll get beat up by her new car.  Puleeze.  I don’t want to talk about it.  And check out the featured post on Chris’s pins, at Grumperina‘s "Eye Candy Friday" post.

Jeanne was working on the headband vest for her DH.  Same one that I’m working on.


  Only not as much.  She’s pushing for a weaving class at the Mannings, if she finishes first.  I’ve got to put on some speed – and maybe a hand brace – to get a good lead.

I want to finish the back of this sometime this century Spring.

And when I have a need for something small I work on these. Tom’s Wesley socks.  I’ve got about 6" of foot done.

And my Choco-Cherry socks.  I switched to the Go With The Flow pattern – same book. (Too lazy for linkage) Front and back.  The lace looks like cat yak but the back has cool stripes.



I started this post on the Mac but can’t seem to figure out where the crap blue blazes my photos went.  So I had to switch to Lance.  Good old, dependable, Lance.

It’s a constant struggle – the Mac vs. Windows thing.  Why can’t we ALL just get along?

Have you seen my Daddy?


Smoochies to Binky!  Her Mom‘s got all kinds of troubles lately.  Wes?  He’s still got his KnitPicks paper, so he’s happy.

8 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday

  1. Headband? I’ll have you know that I have a good inch! I’m going to start sending bad vibes your way….the choco-cherry socks look great!

  2. Cat yak, that cracks me up!

    Too bad your Mac training isn’t going better. I agree, why can’t they all just get along? Frustrating.

    Yay for dependable Lance…

  3. The socks look so great!! LOL at the cat yak – bet they look great on when they are done…

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