A MacPost

No pictures this time.

I just got a new MacBook (BLACK) and there’s next to nothing of my "stuff" on it.  It’s really cool and will probably take about a month before I can switch away from the other laptop. So don’t think I’m not out here…I’m just in the throes of a learning curve!!

Since the last post, I haven’t done a lot of knitting.  Tendonitis/Bursitis continue to rear their ugly heads.  (Doesn’t that sound like some type of oxymoron?)

A few rows at the last knitting group but most of my time was spent GENTLY removing a bunch of rows from Jeanne’s Ariann.  I had attempted to run a needle thru the "rip it to" row but just couldn’t figure out the pattern since it’s a diagonal.  So Chris did the ripping and I kept track of where we had to stop and pick up the live stitches.

All thru this, Jeanne was sitting at the FAR side of the long table, blissfully unaware of the perils of Ariann.

This took some of the pressure off of me and Chris.  I panicked a bit because there were yarn-overs but Chris was strong.  SO STRONG!  She’d already finished an Ariann with a number of ripping sessions of her own.

I’ve done a few rows on the Central Park Hoodie.  I like working on this.  Size 8 needles are A-OK when most of my other projects have been on Size 1’s, lately.

If you haven’t checked out my sidebar then I’ll tell you that I decided to dip my toes into the Etsy pool and the water is pretty nice.  Have a gander at my wares, why don’t ya?

I had a prank played on me at the bowling alley.  Here’s the back story…

Tom and I were doing some house cleaning.  TOM was working on the to-be-shredded pile.  One minute my bowling stuff was on top of my laptop.  The next, it was gone!  We just couldn’t find it anywhere.  So Tom went to the alley so they could give him another print-out.

OK.  When I got to bowling yesterday, I walked past the desk, saying Hi to the guys.

R: "Hey Laurie.  We found some more bowling records for you." 

Then R handed me a small bag of shreddings. 

"Funny one, guys!  Mumble, mumble, bastards."

I got down to my lane and they had changed the name of my team from "Roses" to "Bits and Pieces".  And they also changed my name to "Shredder".  I supposed it could have been worse ’cause there are lots of things I could have been called that started with the letter "S".

Ya see, Tom didn’t tell them that HE was the one doing the shredding.

Next time we clean, I think I’ll hide my bowling records.

4 thoughts on “A MacPost

  1. I’m so glad that I wasn’t watching. So there seems to be a common thing – ripping, shredding….hmmm – I think Shredder might be a good nickname!

  2. Ohhh, I love the look of your stitch markers–no jump rings!!! I bought some recently that have them and they drive me nuts. My lace gets stuck in them every single row. Ugh. I must get some of yours.

  3. Yay for new laptops!! I love the whole laptop thing. Being able to sit my butt on the comfy couch and yarn shop is divine!

    Wish your pain and inflammation would go away.

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