True Friends RULE

The weekend was chock full of BFF goodness.

Friday, Chris and I went on another mini yarn crawl.  A bead store and 2 yarn stores later…

we bought yarn to make the Endpaper Mitts and enough for a matching scarf.  CashSoft is SOOOOOO yummy.

There was lunch and donuts of the dunking variety.  And I’m not talking "ladies lunch".

What the heck is that, anyway?

Some women were in the Wooley Lamb and asked the ladies at the register where they could get lunch.  But it had to be "ladies lunch".  Not Italian or Chinese or carbs or ribs.  LADIES LUNCH!  Like salads and such.

Those poor women.  One of them didn’t look too happy to be going to LADIES LUNCH.  Chris and I should have taken her with us to Cracker Barrel for the fish fry.

It was a great Friday!

Saturday I did a butt load bit of cleaning and some knitting on my Thuja socks.  I was so tired Friday night,  I kept losing my place on the toe-up short rows and I had to rip it and start over.

Sunday was more Chris visiting.  She came over and we went on a dash to Allentown – where the now famous Wes’s Birthday Present was bought.  Then to Macy’s for some SUPER Fossil sales – I may or may not have bought one.  Lunch, latte and then back to my house for knitting.  The weather was pretty nice with an occasional blizzard of snow.  But I realized that I really don’t mind going out on the weekend…with the right incentive! LOL!

We’ve been having problems with our router so I’m not able to comment on as many blogs as I’d like.  Even doing e-mail is getting pretty annoying.  It’s more than an unplug/reset type of problem so Tom’s going to be looking into a new router.  I hope he gets one soon.

Yesterday I worked on my Thuja’s at the allergist’s office. 

HEY!  Didja see the Teen Tournament on Jeopardy! ?  The 2nd place winner (by $100!!!) is my allergist’s son.  Bright kid.  Just a bit of bad fortune on a Double Jeopardy question. 

Anyway, the nurses always ask me what I’m knitting.  I showed my finished Thuja and got the standard reply, "Oh. How cute."  Surprising because they’re knitters, too.  Yup.  That’s what I always aim for…cute.

I’m looking forward to the knitting group, this weekend.  Jeanne just got back from Cali-for-NI-ay and I hope she’s got her knit (back) on.  And I can’t wait to see (blogless) Jane’s sock!

For a look at a great alteration to the French Market Bag, check out Abi’s blog.

I’m thinking of ripping (YES, I said RIPPING!) out the Spork that I never felted and making myself a "Frenchie the 2nd".

And remember…

A – Every once in a while you have to de-stash.  Get rid of the acrylic and make room for some CashSoft.  Acrylic can be soft but it really doesn’t keep you very warm.  The cashmere never tries to be something else.

and 2 – Burning bridges is never advised.  There’s also some saying about glass
houses.  And if you live IN a glass house ON a burning bridge.  OY!
You’re SOL. (I’m pretty sure everybody know what that means.)

Get some CASHMERE!  Knit with a friend and be warm!

10 thoughts on “True Friends RULE

  1. I had a group of Moms in VA, where we would go out one night a month for a Moms Night Out. We started out in sort of girlie places — salads, whatever…

    We finally decided that we needed to be at a bar. Drinking beer. It was much more fun after that!

  2. I had a group of Moms in VA, where we would go out one night a month for a Moms Night Out. We started out in sort of girlie places — salads, whatever…

    We finally decided that we needed to be at a bar. Drinking beer. It was much more fun after that!

  3. My ex has burned his last bridge with me – and he’s broken a few windows in his glass house lately. Pissed me off so much I’m filling out paperwork for the DOR to start collecting the child support he hasn’t paid me in over TWO. YEARS. F*cker.

    Sorry…having a cranky day…I’ll go back to my blog and complain there ;o)

  4. Woot!! We had an amazing time this weekend – and true friends are a gift to be treasured:) I know exactly what you mean about cashmere and burning bridges!! Spot on!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time this weekend. Beautiful yarn – really – love the colors. Did you start the mitts? And yes – I totally agree – dump the acrylic and get the cashmere (but are we talking about yarn or something else?). See you this weekend!

  6. I love a yarn crawl. Were you at the Wooley Lamb in East Aurora, NY? I just love that shop. Or were you somewhere in PA? It made me think of Where’s Waldo? Or should I say Where’s Lorenzo?

  7. A ‘ladies lunch’ huh? That, for some reason, doesn’t sound appetizing at all. I have to ask, did you get the Coca Cola cake at Cracker Barrel? It’s my current indulgence!

  8. Oh wow, yarn crawl followed by non-ladies lunch sounds just ideal. No wonder you didn’t mind the crappy weather. I also have some cashsoft in my stash for some planned socks…

  9. Mmmm Cashsoft…that stuff is like crack. I made a beret out of it and have been meaning to do another. But I have placed myself on a bit of a yarn diet. 🙂

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