Contest Winner & Such

It’s going to be a Wesley rich post – be warned!


No one guess what Wesley’s favorite upstairs toy is so all of the comments were entered into a "hat".  I do quotes because there wasn’t really a hat.  I counted the comments and told Tom to pick a number between 1 and 7.  He chose 6.

DIANA is the winner!!!  She’ll be getting a set of handmade stitch markers.  And it’s pretty good timing because I see that Sunday was her Blogiversary.  Congrats, Diana!

So.  The toy is something that everyone has in their house.  In their bathroom.  Take a look at the bottom of your toilet and see the caps that go over the screws.  That’s the toy.  Don’t cringe!  When he knocked the cap off and started to run around with it, I took it and BOILED it.  His toy is fully sanitized.  But, seriously, you know where a cat puts its mouth so it’s not like just about anything would be off limits to them.  He knocks it around the tile floor and it makes a lot of noise.  He bats it down the stairs – and we toss it back up for him.  And, when he can get it just right, he picks it up and takes off like a nut.

Yesterday was his birthday.

He got a gift from Binky – the most adorable little girl cat.  They’re been quite the item for a while and I’m just glad we don’t let Wes out of the house or he’d be heading for Kansas.

"Wesley!  Binky send you a present!"

Enter the happy roll…




"Wesley!  Auntie Chris bought you a present!"

Jumping_1_1  Catch_and_run


It’s not easy to photograph a cat on the run.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!

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