A study in contrasts. 

There’s the pile of orders that I worked on on Monday and then Tom filled the orders and boxed them up for shipping.  (That pile is 1 of 5 piles)  That’s what Tom and I did on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Then there’s Wes.  Who sat on that box for over an hour, watching a dozen crazy robins (I’m sure they didn’t get the memo that birds don’t come out of their comfy tree during sleet/snow storms) that kept coming to our heated bird bath.  And when the birds weren’t there, he was staring at the sleet/snow.  OVER AN HOUR. 

I’m sure he was with us…in spirit.

Just like – Tom is outside, right now, shoveling the driveway.  And I’m with him…in spirit.

I did go out to clean and refill the birdbath.  The snow/ice was so thick that when I stepped out the door, onto the 9" drift, I didn’t sink in!  I walked over that drift about 6 times and it never gave way.  Then I ran back inside and had some tea.  I’m not a winter person.

The toe-up sock is breezing right along.  Nothing like a snowy day to make the fingers fly.  Another 3 or 4" on the leg and I’m done with #1.  All depends on how far the yarn goes.

Tomorrow Chris (Oh my gosh!  Check out her new necklace design!) and I are going on a mini-yarn crawl.  We might get some yarn to make the Endpaper Mitts.

Anyone up for a Mitt-Along?

And I promised (blogless) Jane that I would look for some pretty sock yarn for her.  She’s been flying blind, working on her first sock, since Saturday.  I’m getting a Sock Knitting DVD to her tomorrow, so I hope she’ll be able to get her sock done by next week’s knitting meeting.

Everybody look up and wish Jeanne a safe, round-trip, flight.  She’s gonna be just fine.  After all, we’re going to make plans to go to WEBS, in the Spring.  And we’ve already got reservations for Stitches East!

Go and check out the great Debbie Bliss Spot Blanket that Maggie has been working on.  She’s a pro at intarsia!  I only wish she lived in the States so she could teach me how to work it so beautifully.

And, finally, check out Diana’s adorable bunny.  I can almost FEEL the softness of the fur. (ACHOO!)

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  1. I’m so glad you have a heated bird bath for the birds. We feed the birds year round, even when the snow is up past our buns, but we don’t have a heated bird bath. I definitely need to get one. Wes looks so cute looking out the window.

    How much is that kitty in the window? (Sing along with me!)

  2. That was so sweet of you Laurie 🙂 I wish we lived closer as well. I think we’d be great friends!

    Aren’t kitties just the funniest? Mine sits and stares at me for hours like that and believe me, I’m not doing anything very exciting at all…LOL!

    The Dolly Bag is all knit up now. Just have to sew it together.

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