This weekend was chock full of knitting goodness.

Saturday was knitting group.  All of us old ladies sitting around, sucking our gums and playing with yarn.

Jeanne gave me this wonderful Socks That Rock leftover yarn. 


I can’t remember the colorway (old age and all) but it’s beautiful!!!  I split it into 2 skeins so I can do toe-up socks. (They weigh the same, I just wound one a bit looser than the other.)

UPDATE:  COLORWAY – Fire on the Mountain


I had met Jane at B & N on Friday to teach her how to use dpn’s and start a sock.  She brought it with her and was doing great…right up to the heel turn.  It was my fault.  I thought she could do a little, teensy, weensy sock and still get the learning.  But I was foiled by the heel turn.  Not enough stitches to really let the method sink in.

So I walked over to her and, while she was talking to Linda, I PULLED OUT ALL OF THE NEEDLES. (Tough love and all that.)

She took it well.  Just looked down and laughed.  She’s SO good.  I explained that it would be good for her to start all over.  This time I had her cast on a normal amount of stitches.  As of today, she’s almost up to the heel.  Don’t worry.  I’ll see her on Thursday and will help her thru the turn and gusset.

There would have been a partial group picture but someone was being all pokey with her finger – to throw off my auto focus – and the shot is a bit blurry. LOL.

We laughed a lot and I’m going to have to remember NOT to wear mascara to the next meeting.

Tom and I blocked A N O T H E R shawl for my Mom.  It’s her 3rd using Baby Ull (this one is Lilac), the 5th (or is it 6th) one that we’ve blocked and we’ve still got 2 shawls sitting on my desk for blocking.  This one was so long that I wasn’t sure it would fit the length of both of my blocking boards!  It just fit. WHEW!


Chris and I did a little B & N, on Sunday, and after she gave me my Superbowl Monday yarn (Valley Yarns Colrain in Chestnut and Malabrigo in Solymar) she started me on short row, toe-up socks.  Not too bad.  I only had to ask her to check it about, oh, 50 times. 

She’s a very patient teacher.

But when I had most of the toe done, I didn’t like the bumps so I ripped it out. 

It’s never wasted time when you’re learning. (Repeat until you believe it)

After a bit of pickpocketing by Chris…NO!  NO!  Not that kind!  I had lost my iTrip for a few days and while she was "admiring" my knitting bag, she stuck her hand into an outside pocket and pulled out my iTrip.  I tell ya, it was better than pulling a quarter out of my ear.  I don’t think she’s ready to do a kid’s party, tho.

So when I got home I did some snooping on the internets and I found this great tutorial for toe-up socks.  Ya gotta love Knitty!

Not that I pay attention to ANYTHING by doing a gauge swatch.  I just plugged in a number I thought I should be getting and then cast-on.  I got all the way to the foot and realized it was too big.

Sigh.  Don’t tell Jeanne.

So…..RIP, RIP, RIP.  Replug the numbers. I considered the stuff I just did as a gauge swatch.  See, I wasn’t TRYING to find a gauge so it was a truer number for me.  yeah.  I didn’t believe it either.

Tonight, for the 3rd time, I’m going to cast-on and start a toe-up Thuja.

The Weather Channel says snow is coming.  The pain in my left eye-ball is saying they’re correct.

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  1. That is a gorgeous colorway!
    When a sale happens at JoAnn’s or something, I really need to pick up another blocking board like you have. So helpful for those long projects!
    I have a vest waiting on my floor over here that my mom made. I have been instructed to block it! Mom’s and their need of blocking. Good thing they have daughters to do that! 🙂

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