This weekend I learned that a Rachel Ray recipe may not always take only 30 minutes.  It’s true.

Before New Year’s Tom and I watched the show where she made Hunter’s Stoup. (Is it a soup?  Is it a stew?  NO!  It’s a STOUP!).  It looked good and we decided to make it for New Year’s Eve.  After all, she just tossed it together in about 5 minutes.   How bad could it be?

Of course, we didn’t get around to it. (All those who are surprised, raise your hands.)

I made it on Saturday.  It took me hours.  3.5 hours, to be exact.  I knew it was going to take time because there was a lot of cutting and chopping.  I like doing that. (Though, to be honest, boneless chicken thighs?  EW.  So much fat.  That’s what I get for only using the breasts most of the time.)

What I DON’T like is having to "cook until lightly browned".  Mostly because our range top doesn’t heat up like it should and I have to cook most things on HIGH for the first, oh, 20 minutes.

Much splattering ensued.  Cursing and splattering.  Chicken and pancetta don’t play well together when the pan isn’t the right temperature.  And you can’t blame my Le Creuset.  IT knows what it’s doing.

But, 3.5 hours later I had STOUP. (It should be capitalized because it took long enough to make).

Good thing there’s enough to last us a whole week because, I’ll tell ya, it will be a while before I make it again.

Today, since Chris took off from work, we decided to be good knitters and do a little "yarn collecting".  The yarn stores were not in an enabling mood.  Apparently, yarn stores think no one wants to shop on Mondays.  We hit one quilt/yarn store but I think that my stash is larger than theirs.  A bead store (closed) and a yarn store (closed) later and we were on our way back to Chris’s house.

What were we to do?????  A yarn crawl without yarn is like a … well, you know the rest.

WE SHOPPED ON-LINE!  WEBS all the way, baby!  Not as instant a gratification as I’d like but still better than nothing.

There’s was ton’s of food from Chris’s Superbowl party, so we had lunch and then did the knitting thing.  I finished a Calorimetry I started last night.  Nope.  No picture yet.

A nice day and now I’m pooped.  Good thing Tom just came home with our lattes.

He’s a keeper!

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  1. 3.5 hours! That’s crazy. I’ve heard that her recipes take longer than the 30 minutes, which is understandable to some degree..but 3.5 hours? sheesh! 😉

  2. But was the STOUP good? I want to make it sometime if it’s good. And I had fun regardless of the stupid yarn store and our stash being bigger than theirs and them not having the pattern and not knowing what they were doing or talking about – we’re never going back there again. And after you left, I tripped and fell and all the sudden I ordered more Sophies Toes.

  3. 3.5 hours? That’s just too long for me – but I’m glad it was good! Glad you had a good time on Monday!

  4. I can’t believe it took that long to make the stoup! I have noticed that some recipes take about an hour or so because most of her ingredients are prepped for her. But 3.5 is awful! I hope it was worth the wait 🙂

  5. Yeah, recipes and such always take me twice as long to make as they say. I recently tried making a German Chocolate cake. I have never whipped egg whites into stiff peaks. I don’t know what stiff peaked egg whites look like! I think I overwhipped them, but it still turned out okay. Last time I’ll probably make that cake. 🙂

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