So Jeanne says she wasn’t propositioned and I’ll have to believe her.  After all, when that man had his mouth to her ear, I really couldn’t hear what he was saying. OK?  I don’t want to end up on Judge Judy or anything.  😛

2 visits to the dentist, this week.  5.5 hours on Monday and 90 minutes on Tuesday.  Now just the fine tuning.  I think I have to stop being afraid I’m going to pop one off while eating get used to them.  Thanks to my BFF’s for checking up on me while I was in a Vicodin haze.

After all of that, I had to work on Wednesday (to make up for the not working on Monday).

I didn’t feel that was quite fair so I took a cruise by Sophie’s Toes etsy shop (enabling sponsored by Jeanne and her e-mail SEND button) and did a bit of clicking.  In my defense, I didn’t spend any money.  When I was checking out, Tom’s PayPal name came up and I just HAD to use it for payment. (The yarn’s for socks for him, anyway.)

I also wandered over to Zephyr Style and CLICK, I was printing out the pattern for Wicked.

Hard to imagine that I got any work done, isn’t it?

Congrats to Ilan for winning Top Chef.  I’m still steamed (no pun intended) that Sam didn’t make the finals but happy that Monkey Boy didn’t win.  If you don’t watch the show, good luck decoding this paragraph.

No knitting pics so I’ll stuff in this one, from last year’s visit to Vegas.


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  1. I’m glad monkey boy didn’t win either. What was up with his Wolverine hairstyle and little boy attitude???

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