Just a few answers

Answers to some recent comments:

Jeanne said:

I did not get propositioned! He was just saying how nice I was to hang out with the rest of you weirdos! Wes it too cute – but isn’t it sort of mean of you to keep on stuffing him into bags?

A – I’m pretty sure that man wanted you to go with him to a game, sit next to him and knit him a lap cozy.  Not to mention the lady that latched onto you about knitting in the round.  I believe that’s the time that Chris and I made a beeline away from the tables.  It’s what you deserved from not bringing me my chocolate flaunting that beautiful silk yarn you bought.

and 2 – As long as he’s small enough to stuff into bags, he’s just going to have to live with it.  Maybe I could file a totally frivolous complaint with McDonalds about the poor quality of their food.  I mean, it’s SO much more than just a little finger in some chili!

Chris said:

We had a lot of fun yesterday – mostly the people that were all handsy with other’s knitting.

That’s because Jeanne was playing the devil on my shoulder.  Everytime you got up she was "Take her knitting off the needles", "Hide it", "Throw it on the floor".  All the time with her sweet face when you got back.  Sure pick on the little kid.  I was innocent, I tell you.  Remember?  I was the suck-up wearing on of your beautiful pins.

And Diana

Mr Effer is a keeper!!!

I’m going to be returning some of my KnitPicks holiday gifts, exchanging them for yarn that caught my eye.  But they’re never going to get back the paper they used to fill the box. It’s kind of spoken for.


Wes wants Binky to know that her Mother should do some KnitPicks ordering, soon!

4 thoughts on “Just a few answers

  1. Isn’t it liable when you say mean things about other people on your blog? I didn’t do any of those things – I am innocent!

  2. I *was* going to comment that the Bernie scarf will be legen…(waitforit)…dary but then I realized that it was a BErnie scarf, not a BArney scarf so it just would’ve sounded stoopid…


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