Last week, Tom and I managed to block 2 of the 5 shawls that my Mom sent me.  They went so fast that we did both in the same day.  Only 20 minutes to wire and pin a shawl done in Baby Ull.  It makes a really nice shawl.

I sent them off so fast that I didn’t even have time to take pictures.  Mom’s happy because the recipients (2 friends from Brazil) are going to be visiting her sometime next month.  And she’s working on another one that’s for a February birthday.  Save me! LOL!

Yesterday was a day for much laughing and knitting. The knitting group was small (7 of us) but we managed to make it seem like there were 20 of us.

We did an "I Love Lucy" deal with the seating arrangements.  Jeanne, Chris and I moved no less than 4 times before the group even began.  And that’s no small feat considering we all had our pocketbooks and knitting bags and coats to lug back and forth.

Jeanne got propositioned by some gentleman. Something about knitting at the Superbowl. I didn’t hear it all but he was with his wife so it must have been clean.

Jeanne is knitting the We Call Them Pirates hat, for her son and Chris did a lovely job modelling it.


Chris was working on her "Cool Currents" scarf.  A variation on this

I worked on my Marilyn’s Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan.


That ridge at the bottom is the turning row and I’m just about finished binding it off.  And, let me tell you, I LOVE the KnitPicks Options needles!  Being able to knit the sleeve stitches onto a spare cable – GENIUS!  Just slap on the end caps and let them sit there until you’re ready to work on them.  Which should be later tonight.

I did about 2 rows on "the vest".  And a few rows on a Ralph’s Scarf (but I keep calling it Bernie’s Scarf – no idea why).  It’s a free pattern that Chris got at a LYS.  Ralphs I’m using the cashmere (true color is a beautiful, deep purple) I bought at Stitches – which might be the fastest I’ve used a yarn that I purchased there.  Usually they have to acclimate for, at least, 6 months or more.

I’ve got the soft foods in the fridge and the good drugs sitting next to the sink.  Nerves are in Code Red mode.  I’m ready for my dentist appointment tomorrow.

Anyone care for a McWes salad?


That sticker on the bag says "Double Checked for Accuracy".  I. Don’t. Think. So.

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  1. I did not get propositioned! He was just saying how nice I was to hang out with the rest of you weirdos! Wes it too cute – but isn’t it sort of mean of you to keep on stuffing him into bags?

  2. Yay!! A post – with photo’s and news and Wesley! We had a lot of fun yesterday – mostly the people that were all handsy with other’s knitting. Good luck tomorrow – I’ll be thinking bout you!

  3. The KnitPicks Options Needles are the best. I just love mine; they were a Christmas present from Mr. Effer.

    The cardigan is looking great.

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