Must re-boot my brain

Yeah.  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

I’m knitting in circles.  Chasing my tail, if you will.

I make a sweater and then rip it out.  Can’t find a pattern that I want to stick with.  Always stressing about using the PERFECT yarn for a project.  Holding yarn in my stash because it’s SO wonderful that nothing is good enough for it.

I try to fix the blog and end up messing up so bad that it took me 2 hours to fix it all.

It’s mentally exhausting.

I ended up "shelving" the Tomato and telling it like it is.

I like the fluidity of being able to change the blog name and I’ll probably change it a few times but will always keep the "Lorenzo Knits".  At least the link won’t change.

And I’m going to take a TypePad class.  An hour a day, a few days a week, just reading their Knowledge Base and trying to learn it myself. 

Dont_tempt_me Oh, man.  Cat, don’t tempt me.

Breathe in, breathe out.

9 thoughts on “Must re-boot my brain

  1. Oh, Chickie! Remember when I hosed my blog a few months ago? I know from whence your coming from. Just breath. Did you rip marilyn? I think you need a knitters intervention – jeanne and I will be there.

  2. Sorry that things are going in circles right now – but it will get better. You just need the right project (hey, maybe something on circulars!). That’s a great idea about reading the knowledge base – I should do the same.

  3. There’s nothing like f#ckin’ up the blog and trying for hours to fix it. I say drink a marguerita and forget about it!

  4. I love your tagline about swatched. Makes me giggle.

    Good luck with the typepad. I have once or twice considered moving to something like that. I think I won’t. I get stressed enough with Blogger when something goes awry. 🙂

    Go have a drink! (Or chocolate…)

  5. Keep breathing….. Nothing more frustrating than blog trouble. Hope you find that project that wows you. Love the kitty pics.

  6. You would think that it being winter would inspire knitting….but I have the knitting blahs now too. I think the ANTICIPATION of winter is more inspiring, so maybe we should look for spring and summer projects now : ) Hoping you get the blog sorted (it’s all greek to me!) and get out of the slump.

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