Happy 2007!!!

HAPPY 2007!!!!

Wishing all the best to my knitting, and non-knitting, peeps.

I’ve already made my first knitting purchases of the year.  THANKS, ELANN!!!

I have to work today, since I’ve been MIA on the computer for the past few weeks.

Oh the curse JOY of working at home!

But I don’t think that Tom’s customers will appreciate the "You give us money and we’re not sending you anything" trend.  Actually, Tom’s been sending out orders without my charging people.  A very hip and chic way to do business…not STAY in business, mind you.

It’s going to take time for me to upload all of the photos I’ve been taking of yarn I’ve bought (or been gifted) lately.

I don’t have any resolutions but I’m going to try to do Categories on my posts. 

And maybe start a Finished Project section.

OH!  And I promise to help anyone that needs enabling on a purchase.  Call me if you want to go on a yarn crawl.  Text me if you want me to sign on so we can shop online together.   I’ll be the truest enabler you’ve ever known.


And now I must go and see if I can buy Needle Trax in less than 5 minutes.

Gotta work and all, ya see.

5 thoughts on “Happy 2007!!!

  1. Happy New Year! I will certainly call you to enable me – and if I had known that, I would have called you before I ordered the Needle Trax – you must have enabled me via ESP.

  2. Laurie, what a Rebel you are, not joining in on this No New Yarn in 2007 Thing! I am going to try to restrict myself to my April visit to Webs and the Xmas gift certifcate for same. 🙂 Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! :o)

    I’ve succumbed to the stash thing – no new fiber before April 1 ;o) I even made it a contest, hehehe

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