Tom’s Grandmother died on Wednesday.  She was 100 years, one month and one day.

You all would have loved her…she was a knitter.

She gave me all of her straight knitting needles a few years ago.  Everytime we went to visit her she’d ask what I was working on.  She’d shake her head and say she couldn’t see well enough to knit. Sometimes I’d bring knitting with me just so she could watch me. 

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day for Tom and his family.  I’ll be there, pink eyes and all, to help him get thru it.

Hug your grandparents for me, ok?

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  1. I’m so sorry, its been a year for the loss of wonderful people apparently. So close to the holiday too. Please give a big hug to Tom from us. Here if you need me.

  2. What a fine old dear she sounds like 🙂 My sympathies to you and Tom and your family. Knit something in remembrance?

  3. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about Toms’ Grandmother’s passing. But 100 years old – now that is something to be proud of! And you are right, I would have liked her, she was a knitter! Hugs to you and Tom and Wes, and I hope that the pick eye clears up soon. Our power has been restored, so there is renewed hope for a merry holiday season.

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