Hump Day is a Trane Wreck


As in  – the motor on our heat pump died.  This morning.  Even thought they did the yearly maintenance last week.  Shouldn’t complain, tho.  It’s over 20 years old.  It was bound to go at some point.

When it was 19 degrees outside.

But it was a toasty 58 degrees in our den.  Get out the pina colada mix.

Tom and I have been sitting home, all day, waiting for someone to call us about replacing the motor.  Thank goodness for the fireplace insert.  Even though it still has a smell, when it’s running, it’s better than walking around wearing multiple sweaters.

We’re waiting for someone from the fireplace store to get here, as well.  About the smell, you see.


Here’s my first Fetching.  Almost done.  Just have to do the thumb ribbing.  I altered the pattern a smidge by adding more cables on the wrist and hand.  And I did a thumb gusset.  Other than that, no changes at all.  🙂

This picture might be a bit better.  Maybe.  If you click on it to enlarge it. And tilt your head just so.


And here’s how I torture the cat with my thumb waste-yarn.


Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Stay warm kiddos.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Suckity about the heat. Sorry about the smell. But Wesley? Still the cutest – get ‘er Wesley!!

    Oh and the fetching? They are very, very FEtching!!! Love them!

  2. Of course its going to die when its 12 degrees out – why would it have died last week when it was 72? Sorry to hear about your heating issues (and what’s up with the smell?). Fetching is really nice – is this my Christmas present? Wes is cute, as always!

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