I had a bad week, dental-wise and don’t feel much like chatting.  But the photos are building up.

I will say that Tom, in a TOTAL act of selflessness, ate BOTH of the Moose Munch bars. He thought they would hurt my mouth and didn’t want me to feel bad.  What with them WATCHING me, you see.

Someone said that I haven’t been showing my recent purchases, like a good blogger. So here ya go!

My Mom sent me another package, this week.  Now the total is 4 shawls (Sept. 17 post) waiting to be blocked. I’m afraid to open the packages.


Tom and I have a lot of work ahead of us.

Just a few quick keystrokes and I got all of this, from WEBS.

Colrain in Navajo Red.  Destined to be the Kangeroo Pocket Aran (Knitter’s Winter 1999), for Tom.


This yarn is SUPER soft.  I also bought 1 skein each in Carmel and Chestnut.  Those photos were too blurry and I just don’t want to drag my butt upstairs for another round of "WESLEY!  Gimme back my yarn!!" as I try to take another shot.

(Still from WEBS).  Malabrigo in Olive, Paris Night and Burgundy.  Their stock was low so I bought one of each as "Gotta See In Person" samples.  Wes prefers the "mouth-feel" of the Olive.


And, finally, 1 skein of Artyarns Supermerino because I really love the colorway (#114).


I’m thinking that the singles will become fingerless gloves.  Perhaps a few pair of Fetching?

I’m flying along on the vest back.  Actually, I’m almost as far as I was just before the Big Rip-Out of ’06.


But I’m not having any problems with it.  Markers at every diamond and moving them every row.  Might take a bit longer but keeps EVERYONE happy.

I never DID put this photo up.  Yes, it’s blurry and not your failing eyesight…or IS it? Hmmmmm…



Even thought it was 72 degrees yesterday (Allentown broke a record!), I’m DONE with my Central Air socks.



And I did a little Barnes & Noble therapy on Friday.


HEY!  I had a coupon!

So that’s my photo disclosure.

6 thoughts on “

  1. Nice goodies. Thanks for the pic. I’ve been bad too and haven’t been showing photos of recent acquisitions.

  2. Very nice! I love the Malabrigo. Your socks are beautiful – great pattern and yarn. The vest is coming along nicely – can’t wait to see it!

  3. Very nice puchases!

    Blocking shawls. I have two bacyard leaves scarves that my mother made – that need to be blocked. She was just bugging me for them, because they are Christmas presents. (Should I mention that I have had them since this summer?). I really need to block for her!

    Sorry to hear about the dental pain. I wish that would just go away for you. 😦

  4. That Tom – he’s so thoughtful! *g*

    Great haul, great FO’s! ;o) I love that Supermerino stuff – it’s so squishy!

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