You wait too long.  Stuff goes by.  Thoughts flit in and out.

That’s the result of not posting for almost 2 weeks.

Wesley The Impaler enjoy some quiet time in his Mom’s sack. (You can laugh.  But it’s really great for those nasty, cold days.  And you get to look like a purple Oompah Loompah!)


What?  You can’t make out his facial expression?  OK.  Check this one out.  He’s enjoying my zipper.


Nice fangs, huh?

Last week was a knitting meetup.  5 lovely ladies showed up (I’ll include myself in that tally though I’m not as lovely as most.)  We had a great time with the knitting and talking and eating – ya gotta love having meetings at Panera!

The discussion got around to Tom’s Drunken Argyle Vest.  I’m having a H-E-double-hockey-sticks of a time with the back.  Size 2 needles and black yarn.  NOT going to be on my "What I Want For Christmas" list. But I’m determined to make this vest.

A few of the suggestions, to ease my pain, were:

  • Tell Tom that you left it at Panera and when you went back to get it, it was gone.
  • Burn it.
  • Tell him it will make him look fat and you don’t want to do that to him.
  • Burn it at someone elses house.
  • Do it in the round so the black knitting is offset by the intarsia. (I later realized that you can’t really do intarsia in the round…can you?)  HOWEVER, if you mess up one side of the vest, you’d have to rip ALL of it out to fix.
  • Rip it out and donate the yarn…or burn it.  It’s just got Bad Juju.

I appreciated all of the help.  And ponder which of these ladies are going to get the black yarn as a Holiday Swap gift.  Can’t wait for the Holiday Meetup!

I’m about 3" into the 2nd Central Air sock.  The first sock is patiently waiting for its mate.


Yesterday was a wonderful, quiet, busy day.  Tom and I hit the floor running…down to the kitchen.  Put a chocolate cake in the crockpot (I don’t recommend it).  Seasoned the turkey breast and stuffed it back into the fridge.  Made some pizzelles (YUM!) Made a new corn, side dish. Scrapped plans to fry some turkey tenders.  Sat for a bit and then put turkey into oven.  Finally ate dinner.

We thought we were going to sit and relax most of the day.  Ended up being in the kitchen for most of it.  But it was FUN.  We hardly g et to spend that kind of time together, lately. 

And we got to laugh about how it took most of the day to make the dinner and only 20 minutes to eat.

As a reward for being too lazy to clear up the outdoor potted plants and wildflowers, I found that some flowers just refuse to give in to the cold weather.


This pot was planted with ONLY black pansies.  The yellows came up towards the end of the summer with no black pansies at all.  And now they’re mixing it up.  Amazing.


I just let these babies keep reseeding.   Never planted them in the first place (2 years ago) and don’t want to cramp their style.




8 thoughts on “

  1. Wow – nice fangs – but what a cute picture. I think you should wear the purple thing to the next meetup. Glad you had a nice holiday, and see you in a couple of weeks (and I better not get the black yarn in the grab bag!)

  2. Wes is too cute! My cat does that when I wear my college sweatshirt only he doesn’t get an opening to peek his head out of!

  3. Wes is of course – the most handsome ever. Way too cute, er I mean studly!

    Chocolate cake… in a crockpot? Eh?

    Ah hell – you had me at chocolate.

  4. Love the sack!

    You should make Tom a sweater on size 10 1/2. That is what I am doing for my husband and it is flying by. Love the big yarn/big needles! I applaud your determination in continuing. 🙂

    Stuffed myself crazy this entire weekend. Glad you had fun cooking, we will try that one of these years.

  5. Count Wesley is the cutest…my what long fangs you have!!! My central air sock is still just a pattern!

  6. You said ‘sack’ and ‘zipper’ in the same post – I bet you get some interesting hits on that one ;o)

    Dude. You said ‘sack’ *giggle*

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