Today I’m feeling FIBULAS!


And you can, too.  These beauties came from Chris . (I can’t put in a link to her Etsy shop. Etsy is upgrading.  When it’s back on track you can get there directly.).  Hustle on over and pick some up for your winter knits.

Something else that helps the Monday blues – CHOCOLATE.

Mon_candy It’s not that I was hungry when I hit Wegman’s.  I had just left the dentist office and felt like I deserved some kind of treat.  What with all of the holiday candy lining the aisles, I was in dark chocolate heaven.


Moose in a bar!  How could that be bad?


This looked so wild I just had to try one.

Monday and everyone is happy.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Hey …. I see a mousie! Yay… you found em! Chris does have beautiful stuff…. the girl has got talent.

  2. o.k., now let me get this straight. You had just come back from the dentist and you went to buy chocolate?? You’re just a little devil now aren’t you?

  3. Need any help with that chocolate? Should give you lots of energy for finishing sock knitting….if you really want to get a lot of knitting done add diet dr pepper.

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