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Chris and I went to Cracker Barrel on Friday.  No, she didn’t sneak out of school – she had the day off. (This revelation prompted a strange, 1-finger high five from Amy. ;-O)  While Chris cleaned her plate, I stopped before I had to open the snap on my jeans. 


We also tried to get to The Yarn Gallery, in Reading, but the traffic was more than I could handle – what with the joys of PMS and such, so we hung a "U" and headed back to Barnes & Noble.

Today was Knitting Meetup Day!  Whoo Hoo!  Here’s a shot of everyone. 


Let me say that no one was looking AT me because I was standing on the fireplace hearth(?) with a sock (Chris’s I-Fell-Down-The-Stairs socks) on my head, while I took the picture. 

Maybe they didn’t want to admit knowing me?  I just don’t know.  It’s not like other knitters don’t put strange knitted stuff on THEIR heads.  Oh, come on, you KNOW you do it too!

I was working on my Central Air socks.  1 round took me about an hour because I couldn’t remember what round I was on…out of FOUR rounds.  And 2 of those are just knit and purl.  But I had a headache, too.  Yeah, that was it.  A Headache slowed me down.


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  1. Yeah, it might have been we didn’t want to admit knowing you – it wasn’t so much the sock on your head – it was that you enjoyed having the sock on your head! See you next week!

  2. You didn’t even have to say where you went for breakfast. That to go container was a dead giveaway! (Did I mention I work at a CB?)

  3. You have a Knitting Meetup Day at Barnes & Noble? Wish we had something like that here. Hell, I wish someone here, other than AndrĂ©, spoke English…smile!

  4. I had no idea what a Cracker Barrel was ’til I met RR and he introduced me to their culinary delights ;o)

    It’s also pretty fun to people watch in there, hehe

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