Coffee and Feathers?

Stick with me.  Somehow, this week, they went together.

I went to Starbucks and while I was waiting for my drink, Mike the Barista came in and said, "Anyone want a parrot?".

I, like any normal person, said, "Huh?".

"They’re in a tree in back of the store.  Red and green parrots."

This kind of thing knocks the breath out of me.  I feel for animals like most people feel for babies.  It’s how my maternal instincts surface.

Thoughts running thru my head –

"It’s freaking cold. They’re gonna die out there."

"I can’t have a bird.  Wes would think it tastes like chicken."

"Gosh, I really miss Perry (the parrot I gave up just before I got married)."

I walked around back and, sure as sh*t, there were 3 parrots sitting in a tree. 

Now, this is a Wal-Mart, SAM’s Club shopping center.  Lots of stores, not so many houses.  Where the frick did these birds come from???

2 of the girls from Starbucks walked over with me.  I didn’t want to scare the birds and we approached slowly.

SON OF A BITCH!  2 males and a female eclectus parrot!!!  I knew what they were because Tom and I had thought about buying one, about 10 years ago.

I had the number for the local Animal Hospital, on my cell.  I called them and asked "Who do I call about parrots in a tree?".  While I’m talking to the woman, a man gets out of an 18-wheeler that was parked nearby.  He walks up to the tree, sticks out his finger and takes one of the birds down.

"Are they yours?", I asked.

"Yup." Doh!

Me, to animal hospital woman, "I have to hang up now.  I have to hit this man." (Because I’m kind of aggressive in my talk.  All 5’2" of me.)

So.  The lost birds were no longer lost.  And I got to "hold" one of them and let her chew on my fingers – ouch! just a bit of blood was drawn. 

The trucker thought that they could use some fresh air and "tree" time.  Don’t worry, their wings were clipped.  But these birds knew who paid their food bills and weren’t about to go anywhere.  He thinks that the female is pregnant because she had just pulled her tail feathers (he said there’s only one time that they do that.  I’m guessing it meant just after they’ve bred) and she was trying to build a nest in the tree.

Here are the pictures I took with my cell phone.  Image_008 The female is the red one (hence, the male is the green).  Yes!  Finally a bird that has a prettier female!


Funny how the trucker had a yellow/green shirt on.  I don’t want to tell you what else was all over his shirt.  But that’s bird love for ya!

This little bit of bird time MADE MY DAY!!!!

Anything happen to you, recently, that’s brightened your mood?

3 thoughts on “

  1. Too funny! But probably a good thing they belonged to someone because Wes probably would have enjoyed a chicken dinner.

  2. Not much brightening my day except knowing I get to hang with my son for 4.5 days!!! (he’s in college and is meeting us on the coast for thanksgiving)

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