Password What’s da passwoid?

I would have posted yesterday, but I was feeling pretty crappy.  Not sure if it was the long day on Saturday or the latest form of PMS torture.

Moving on…

Drove down to Stitches with Amy and her daughter, A, on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and the drive wasn’t complicated.  Well, not for me.  Amy did all of the driving and I really thank her for that!

Chris was supposed to go with, but she got sick and had to stay home and isolate her germs.  WE would have taken lots of pictures (on Amy’s cell phone) and sent them to Chris, but they kept making announcements FORBIDDING any photography.  Kill-joys.

We got there just after the doors opened and after wandering around the convention center (really, guys, could you have sprung for a few signs that said "Marketplace on 4th Level"?) for about 10 minutes, we were IN.

After doing the first thing anyone would do after a Grande Latte and a 3.5 hour drive (oh, you KNOW what I’m talking about), we did the 2nd thing.  Looked for food.

Then I did the 3rd thing.  Popped off a temporary veneer with the aid of a soft pretzel.

Oh?  You mean everyone didn’t do that?  Guess it was just me.

We did the usual wandering around.  Touching, oohing, feeling, drooling.  We covered the whole marketplace in 4 hours, including a lunch meeting with Jeanne, Helen and Linda (sorry, don’t know if they have blogs!) from our Knitting Meetup group.  They had done some serious damage, even though they had only covered 2 aisles.

Another gripe – HELLO convention center.  You’ve got about a gazillion women on their way.  Do you think you could have better food than school hamburgers, rubber chicken sandwiches and fries?  Something fresh besides a few pieces of cut up fruit?  I’m just sayin’.

A. was a doll.  She was in charge of hauling my rolling bag, which became much more fun once she realized that it opened up and ROLLED.  So she carried whatever we bought.  I KNEW I should have had kids!  You won’t see Wesley making himself that useful.

P1000350 I guess she thinks being this cute isn’t work!

Wanna see what I got?

Chk_scarf_1 Some beautiful, purple, cashmere from Belisa Cashmere, along with a pattern for a neat looking scarf.  The owners were so cute.  They didn’t know what change to give me so the husband reached into his pocket, held out a handful of change and said "You pick". 

Sq_monkey This pattern, from Interlacements.  I’ve wanted it since the Knit/Crochet Show, in Valley Forge, this summer.  I asked one of the workers if they had the pattern and she said "No.  You have to order it."  Good thing someone else was working there or I’d have walked away, AGAIN, without the pattern.  Get people that want to help you make sales.  It’s a no brainer!

Book I was going to get the new Victorian Lace book, but got this one, instead.  It’s got some beautiful patterns for shawls AND Seaman scarfs.  I think those scarves are so cool.  Also has wonderful reference material in there.

And, finally, I got Cascade 220.  I have the pattern for a Noni purse and, though I could have bought the yarn in a number of LYS…hell, I was at Stitches and had hardly bought anything!

Casc_220 I bought 2 of each but I could only wrangle Wes when I had 2 on the desk. Barely.  1 of them kept running out of the room.

I managed to make my way to the Malabrigo, at the WEBS booth.  I. WANT. THIS. YARN.  It’s soft and the colors are luxurious.  I couldn’t decide between Olive, Burgundy or Paris Night.  But I didn’t want to wait on the line to pay for it.  My patience wasn’t up to it.  And I don’t think I could have found enough skeins for a sweater.  So watch out, WEBS!  I’ll be stalking your site, soon!

So that was my Stitches East experience.  Fun, walking, talking, not-so-much eating and yarn hugging. 

Maybe next year Amy, Chris and I will all go, and stay over.  Now I know the Sheraton has a walkway to the Convention Center.  A very good thing.

I would have liked to stay over but I’m a planner and couldn’t just do that "on the fly".  There’s always stuff you want to buy AFTER you wake up the next day.

One more important thing, about Stitches.  You have to bring your "A" game or you’ll just be disappointed.  I didn’t "bring it" and suffered for it (in a not-buying-much-and-having-a-bad-back-from-carrying-it-away way).  I blame the feeling crappy…and the tooth.  I should have been doing cheers and scoping out all of the booths ahead of time.  Maybe it was the lack of those yarn songs that Chris spoke of.

The Drunken Argyle had a bad weekend.  I had gotten this much done (5 1/2") and then realized I had started the pattern at the wrong spot for his size.  So I ripped it to the ribbing. SOB!

Vest_3 I should have the back done in another 25 years.

I started a new pair of socks using STR in Peaceblossom (one of the Club colors).  The pattern was a Club pattern but I saw them selling it, at Stitches.  It’s called "Central Air" and is a nice, not too lacy, pattern.

And as much as I loved getting a package of yarn every few months, I don’t think I’m going to re-up for the Sock Club.  I only got to make 1 full pair of socks and half of the colorways weren’t ones I would have bought for myself.  So I’m going to let Tom buy me $200 worth of sock yarn, in colors I like.  Sounds like a good deal, right?

9 thoughts on “

  1. Lots of great stuff! I love the sweater pattern!

    I’m re-thinking my STR club membership, too. I mean, why pay a premium for colors and patterns that they’re going to sell to the general public a few months later? (yeah, that kinda bugs me…can you tell?)

  2. Is the password “what a cute kitty?” LOL. I love the squirrel monkey pattern, too. I saw it knit up at OFFF, just gorgeous!

  3. Hey nice finds! I really like that pattern for Squirrel Monkey. Neato.

    I am so behind and desperately trying to read all the blogs. Oh yeah, I should probably blog too. I have missed talking to you!

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