Here’s why

I said Good-Bye

to Tweed (oh my!)


I know that there’s supposed to be ribbing.  Even with the ribbing – I have parts that I appreciate, I just don’t need everyone else appreciating them!  And I’m not too happy with the increases that stop before you get to "start sleeve" section.  (Go on, click the picture to enlarge and check it out.)

A few new arrivals –


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Stripe from Simply Socks Yarn Company.  (More of the "I didn’t get to Rhinebeck" purchases.)


And then I got this, as a thank you from my Knitter’s Tea Swap spoilee, Katrina.  A skein of Euroflax Linen (I’ve been wanting to try this yarn for a while!), a Passport Pouch pattern (please don’t say that with wet lips) by Gardiner Yarn Works and a packet of Chai Amore instant spiced tea/latte mix.

How sweet! 

This Saturday was a knitting meet-up.  6 of us turned out and watched Jeanne untangle her yarn.  Now THAT’s entertainment!


We also talked about Stitches East.  I’m going with Amy and Chris.  Jeanne is taking Helen (and I don’t know who else!).  We’re all pretty excited about it.  There was even some talk about renting an RV – we got a little crazy…I’d rather charter a jet!

I did some pre-Stitches planning, at home.  You have to know what bag you’re going to carry.  Nothing too heavy, now.

Wes had other ideas.  When he heard there was going to be a "big building" full of yarn he measured to make sure he’d fit…


Looked to see if anyone was coming…


And then proceeded to stuff himself into the outer pocket of my messenger bag.


I didn’t tell him I’m not taking that bag.  It would crush him.

Next time – the finished Red Rock Canyon socks, Forbes Forest revisited and whatever else I might cast-on. 

11 thoughts on “

  1. 😦 I wanna GO! First off, it’s in MD, not too far from where I grew up and I have been feeling so homesick lately….and 2. I would love you meet you and Chris!

    Maybe next year 🙂

  2. What could be more entertaining than watching me untangle yarn? The pictures of Wes are too cute. You should bring him to Stitches!

  3. I want to EAT that Lorna’s Laces yarn, it looks so yummy. Have fun at Stitches!

  4. Wes in a messenger bag – too cute! Stitches East – look for Sheila in the Glasspens booth – I gave you a button that she made – give her a hug from me. My Mom might be hanging out in that booth too. Ask for Jackie, if she’s there – give her a hug from her daughter as well! And have a GREAT time!


    Here I was all happy with my stash and there you go all waving PINK and CHOCOLATE sock fricken yarn in my face. You suck.


  6. What a shame about Tweed. But yeah…I can understand why.

    I absolutely LOVE the LL sock yarn!!! Pink and chocolate…yummmmm! You will be knitting it up soon, right?

  7. Was thinking about you today…. brain is fogged with age on this end. Can’t remember if I talked to you this week – wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful package. From… er.. Wesley. Just awesome… and Binky loves her new toy. Hides the toy mice in there then pounces on them… goofy.

    Thanks so much… really.

    Wes… you stud.

  8. Oh my.. kitty is a growing! Don’t you just absolutely love that big fluff ball?

    .but they ARE big cats *grin* Just sayin. I’m almost afraid to see how big my girl is gonna get!

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