Huh, no post last week.  Bad Blogger!

In my defense –

  1. I didn’t feel like posting
  2. My internet kept bombing
  3. I didn’t feel like posting

Here’s a recap.

Went to dinner with Chris – toasted to Amy (who couldn’t be there).  Managed not to drop food on myself or spit any at Chris.  A good meal!

Then we hoisted ourselves over to Barnes & Noble to pick thru the knitting books.  Nothing new on the shelves but we did get some knitting done.

More hours spent at my "home away from home".


The dentist office.

I’m convinced that something in the anaesthesia is making me very depressed.  It only happens after a "visit" and only lasts a few hours.

On the other hand, it may be the 2 hour (minimum) sessions, twice a week.  Kind of like Chinese Water Torture, only with drills! (Might be why I didn’t feel like posting, as well.)

Saturday was a Knitting Meetup.  Beforehand, Amy (and her daughter, "A") gave me some cheering up by dragging me to a new (to us) knitting store.  Nice yarns – mostly Berroco – but nothing that we wanted right now.  I drooled over a Namaste Jetsetter bag, in chocolate brown, and may have to go back for it, soon.

Then we ran to B&N to check out the knitting magazines.  I got these


Together, and separately, they were better than any of the last years issues of Knitters’.  I keep hoping that Knitters’ will "pull its head out of its skein", so to speak.  No go.  Once this subscription runs out, I’m done with it.  Almost makes me NOT want to go to Stitches East.

ALMOST, but not quite.  I’m going with Amy and Chris and we’re going to fill up the SUV with yarn!

The Meetup was fun, even though it was just Amy, "A", Chris and me.  Don’t know what happened to the others. 

I got my Knitters Tea Swap package.


The yarn is KnitPicks Shimmer.  Laceweight isn’t my cuppa, so I think it’s going to my Mom.

And I’m thinking that swaps aren’t my thing.  That’s all I’m saying.

I’ve done some work on my Everyday Tweed.  Finally started working on one of the sleeves and have about 1.5" done.

Finished the first sock, of the Red Rock Canyon socks.  I have to bust it out and do the 2nd sock FAST, to beat the 2nd sock syndrome.

I’m flip-flopping on Rhinebeck.  Still don’t know what’s happening and won’t know until Friday (Tom’s work schedule haunts me).  If I don’t get there then the money is earmarked for Stitches.  If I DO get there then all bets are off!

For those that are fans, here’s a shot of "Old (Young) Blue Eyes".  He’ll be 8 months old on Thursday.


Sorry ladies, he’s taken. (Hi Binky!)

9 thoughts on “

  1. Sigh. Maybe we should do a swap together! I got my tea package the other day. Lets just say that I won’t even be blogging about it.

  2. What the heck are ya havin done at the dentist that you would need anesthesia?? Your little kitty is looking so cute!!!

  3. I hope the dentist is coming along…trust me, when it’s all done you are going to be SO. HAPPY.

    I really hope you can make it this weekend – I want to meet you in person already! ;o)

  4. Don’t worry about not posting for awhile. We all have times we just don’t feel like it! Sorry you’ve had so many trips to the dentist. Definitely not fun. At least you have Rhinebeck to look forward to!

  5. I have the same thing happening – no post in over a week. I keep meaning to but I am so busy. Don’t sweat it is all I’m saying. 🙂

    I just got my hands on my mom’s copy of VK. I’m dying to make that cover scarf. Looks like a lot of work but I love it.

    8 months already..such a heartbreaker!

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