This time of year, the weather can be so pretty.  But today, it’s just gloomy and nasty – those 2 dwarves that no one ever heard of.

You know how some people always know what to wear, no matter what the weather?

I am not one of those people.

The changing of the seasons gets me every time.  The house is chilly so I put on long sleeves.  Get all ready to go out.  Step into the driveway and start sweating.

Or I put on a t-shirt and freeze all day.

You would think that after 40-mumble mumble years, I’d have this figured out.


I got a tetanus shot this week.  The bruise is looking pretty…bruise-y.  If you don’t want to see, move on down to the next section.  I kept the pictures small for those with "delicate" constitutions.

Leg_1 The scratch, right after the "incident".  Innocent looking, right?

Leg_2 4 days later.  Creepy, huh?  (And I’m not just talking about my PALE, PALE leg) The bruise is about 7" long, in total, and looks like a creature.


Some knitting has been getting done.


Everyday Tweed.  I’ve got another 4 rows before I check the length for the armholes and start working in the round on the body.


Red Rock Canyon sock.  Have I made any progress at all?  Almost ready to start the toe decreases.

I haven’t done any work on the vest.  It requires bright light and a clear head and I just haven’t had both of those at the same time.  This weather also tends to give me sinus headaches and I won’t attempt to work on black knitting when that’s going on.


Wednesday was Tom’s Grandmother’s 100th birthday.  She’s doing well and we’ll be going to a party, for her, this weekend.  She might not be there but that’s understandable.  The party is from 5PM – 9PM, at a restaurant in NY.  Might not have been the best planning job.

When I turn 100 (WHEN, not IF) I’ll be in bed by 5pm, watching Judge Judy so I can sleep.


I think I need to try a new setting on my clothes washer.  I can’t seem to get out all of those stubborn, clingy pet hairs.  You’d think that the dryer lint screen would have picked that up, tho.


11 thoughts on “

  1. Hey! I am first!!!!

    I hope your booboo is better-good thing ya got that tetanus 🙂

    see ya soon!

  2. Wow – that really does look bad. I hope it starts healing fast! I know what you mean about not dressing well – left the house yesterday without any type of coat – froze all day! Have a great time at the birthday party.

  3. Wowsers that looks like some sort of crazy giant leech thing! Scary looking. I hope Wes isn’t too scared around there!

  4. Hi,

    I saw you visited my blog from the Starbucks gossip blog and it seems we have more than just Mocha Valencias in common – we both knit too! What a coincidence 🙂

  5. Incident? What incident? Guess I better get on over here a little more often. Red Rock Canyon sock and Everyday Tweed are looking pretty darn spiffy there Laurie.

  6. Holy crap! How did that happen? That looks creepy and cool at the same time. Thanks for sharing….


  7. Oh… my gawd. That scratch turned into that giant ouchie? Painful just to look at.

    Red Rock is gorgeous though. Sad about that dryer lint…. 😉

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