Well, I just spent about an hour writing a post…then I closed it down without saving it.  What a dolt!  I’m gonna give it another try.

Knitting group met up on Saturday.  I need some blog links but HI! to Chris, Kerstin, Jeanne, Linda, Melissa, Alice, Christina, Helen and Jennifer.

Kerstin was wearing a beautiful sweater, made from a free pattern at Elann.com (go to their free patterns and then look for the Aran Weight Cropped Lace Cardigan – the direct link doesn’t show the photo).

I wrote to Elann and they confirmed that the Aran Cropped Lace Cardigan DOES use 7 skeins of their Sierra Aran yarn. Nice fast response!

Here’s the progress on my Red Rock Canyon sock


and Tom’s vest


I DO apologize.  I’ve done this post a few times.  Links don’t work and paragraphs kept disappearing.  So I cut it down and now it might not make a lot of sense.  Such is my world.  Roll with it!

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  1. Hi Laurie

    The person sitting next to Chris was Alice. The cropped cardigan is beautiful; but I looked everywhere on the ‘net and couldn’t find any mention that the yardage was off. However, one person did say to buy an extra ball in case. Its really nice though – are you going to start it soon? Nice socks!

  2. My friend Aileen and I have been over the sweater pattern and have decided that it sucks. Because (a) it does not have a schematic, (b) there is no gauge informatin to tell you how to sub yarn if you wanted (c) have you looked at the actual pattern? It it written very strange. I love love love this sweater, but fear the shoddy pattern. If you do make it, please blog extensively for me and Aileen.

  3. Good morning Laurie! I know I haven’t been around much over the last few months, but believe it or not, I still have pigpen home with me in between jobs. Is that a rug under the Red Rock Canyon sock and Tom’s vest? You’re doing a very beautiful job on both projects. Hope you have a great weekend Laurie!!

  4. I am loving the Red Rock Canyon socks. Now I have to go read your archives to learn what yarn and pattern that is. It looks like STR, from the club, maybe?

  5. Typepad is funny like that sometimes. The sock looks great! Check your email when you get the chance 🙂

  6. Hi Laurie!
    Wow….my name mentioned in a blog. I feel like a real knitter now ; ) The elann sweater was fun to knit, with only a few periods of swearing…..but it was my first lace. The pattern is written a little differently, but works our fine if you just obey the words. I shortened mine a bit as I’m height-challenged, but it ended up making the sleeves a bit tighter than I’d like. Nice sock!

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