Went to IKEA, earlier this week.  We picked up a desk for my craft room and some cabinets for Tom’s office.

Spotted a love seat that might fit in the craft room


because I’ve got a limited space issue.  It’s called "Varnamo" and it’s not in the catalog.

Then I got to sit around and wait for Tom to run back to the showroom (because the item he was looking for was, also, not in the catalog).  He ran so fast that I got about 2 inches done on the Red Rock Canyon socks.


Finally checked out and then got to wait 20 minutes for them to bring out all of the boxes.  Then Tom realized that 2 of the boxes were the wrong item.  More with the waiting while he stood in the Returns/Exchanges line.  And then MORE waiting while they brought out the correct items.  From checkout to door it took about an hour. 

I’m SO glad I brought my sock!  I’m almost done with the heel now.

I met up with Amy and Chris, for a fun dinner.  Then we browsed thru Barnes & Noble.  Chris made me one of her loverly shawl pins, for my Mom.  SSSHHHHHH!  Don’t tell.  I sent it off yesterday, along with Mom’s Horseshoe Shawl.


That’s all I’ve got time for, right now.  It’s Thursday and I’ve got bowling and a few errands.  If I ever bowl well enough, I’ll post the scores (I know, you’re all dancing with glee at the thought of it).

Here’s a shot of the Wednesday Night Sky.


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  1. Ugh… the lines at IKEA can be awful. I’m always a little terrified that my purchases won’t fit in my mid-size sedan and that I’ll have to wait in line AGAIN to return things. It hasn’t happened yet, though.

    Next IKEA trip I’ll bring some knitting! Great idea.

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