It has come to my attention that the MUTE button is the most important button on my TV’s remote.

Experts say that anyone watching the "Head On!" commercial MUST use their MUTE button. 

This is no urban legend.

If you hear the commercial repeat "Head On!  Apply directly to the forehead." all three times, you will go insane.

Be safe.  Be smart.  MUTE today.

This concludes the Public Safety Announcement portion of my post.



Behold!  My newest STR purchase. 

  • 3 skeins of "Lucy" (which you just KNOW I’m going to rename "Wesley").  Those would be the top 2 and the middle skein.

Then, from the left

  • Lucy In The Sky
  • Farmhouse
  • again, the Lucy
  • Red Rock Canyon (socks for my Arizona friend)
  • and the newest Rocking Socks Club colorway – Titania. 

They all smell kind of gamey, but I’m guessing that’s because they were shipped in plastic bags and never had a chance to "breathe".  And because they’re made from sheep!

THANK YOU, Rockin’ Sock Club, for the beauteous colors. 

I don’t know that I’m going to use the included sock pattern for the Titania, however, I might use the EXTRA sock pattern they enclosed.  How neat is that???

My "Everyday Tweed" sweater is finished.  Yes!  That’s correct!


Finished. Frogged. Kaput. Dunzo.

I had used about 2 1/2 balls of yarn and finally tried it on.

H U G E!  I would have had to knit 6" of ribbing to make it a deep scoop.  This doesn’t make sense.  If anything, it should have been too small since my gauge was 2 stitches more per inch than it should have been. Isn’t that correct?

I blocked my Mom’s shawl, with a little help from my friends.

Wes_helps_block Long_shawl

I did the ends and the opposite side from Tom.  Thank goodness for blocking wires. 

No, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.  That’s 2 different dye lots.  Mom didn’t buy enough to make the shawl and, after I ordered her another skein, didn’t want to rip out what she’d done and work in the new color.  So the ends are darker than the middle.  Actually, the ends have NO yellow but the middle has definite shots of yellow, making it look more orange.

And 2 days later it was this


I figured I’m so pale I should pose like a vampire.

I’ll be sending the shawl to Mom this week, along with an added gift.  I can’t say what it is, right now.  But I’ll post a photo later.

There were 2 incidents of yarn theft, this week. 

In the first, I had been shopping and got home to find a huge hank of yarn was waiting at the door…on the floor next to "someones" cashmere sweater.  Funny, I thought I had left that hank upstairs, on top of the cubes in the craft room.  Hmmmm.

Second incident.  I brought the swift, winder and Red Rock Canyon yarn into the den.  Left the room for about 10 minutes and when I returned, the yarn was gone.  The yarn made itself known a few minutes later, by "someones" other den toys.

Luckily, none of the yarn had been damaged.  Not even pulled out.  Just "feline-handled" with exuberance.

Which resulted in a bit of "Kitty Time-Out".


7 thoughts on “

  1. Wes is just so cute and innocent like in that picture!

    That shawl is beautiful – love the colors. And I’m not sure if anybody is paler than I am! Sometimes I look sickly white! The Wesley is verry pretty. 🙂

    Is that 2 blocking boards I see?! Wowsas. And your sock yarn is so lovely.

  2. Aw, that Weasley, yarn thief! It’s a good thing he is so cute or he would be in trouble. And I think the Lucy yarn should definitley be renamed! The shawl – stunning! Gorgeous! The helper – he’s a keeper (and I don’t mean the yarn thief one)

  3. Ahhh – that stole is just delicious! The color and the lace are absolutely splendid – I know your mom will just love it to death 🙂

    Lovely, innocent looking blue eyes on the little boy there 🙂

  4. I’m not going to say how nice it is that hubby is helping you block that shawl – but it is. As for the kitty shinanigans – I believe both you and Rox need to sit those two kitties down and have a little talk…………

  5. Hi Laurie, Your Mom is a very fortunate lady to have that gorgeous shawl!! Don’t know how you find the time, but girl, you are 1 talented knitter! (& photographer,too!)

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