Last week was the start of my bowling season.  Turns out that I was the only one there, from my team.  I didn’t have a team to bowl against and was finished in 45 minutes.  Good thing Tom was there to coach me.  4 months without bowling and, I’ve got to say, I’m rusty.

Moving on…

Project Runway

Still kind of ticked off about Uli getting robbed two weeks in a row.  And I’m especially annoyed that the judges thought that Jeffrey had the best designs.  I still bust out laughing when I see those Look-At-My-Crotch-Zipper pants.  Sigh.  Does this mean that I’m getting old, when I can’t see "true style"?


Yesterday I went to a local Meet-Up knitting meeting.  There were 7 of us, which made for a pretty good sized group.  The Panera didn’t have seating for more than 4 at a table but we managed to "make it work" (oops!  Project Runway still on my mind!).

Amy started a skinny scarf for her daughter.  A. – Amy’s daughter – did a bit of knitting, too. Chris was working on her Something Red – and wearing one of her new dragonfly necklaces.  The  coordinator of the group, Jeanne ,was working on socks from yarn she had spun.  Linda (hey Linda!  Do you have a blog?) was knitting an adorable pumpkin hat and Kathy was making a fun-fur scarf. 

Everyone seemed to have a good time and I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

I did a bit on Tom’s Vest, which looks like this…


You can sort of see the the diamonds.  Black on black is a tough knit.

And I did a bit of knitting on my Everyday Tweed so now it looks like this…


When I did the gauge swatch, I was getting 18 sts=4".  I re-figured the pattern and started knitting.  Now, when I measure the gauge, I’m getting 20 sts=4".  Dilemma time.  Do I keep knitting, while wearing "gauge blinders" or do I rip and restart? 

It’s really not a question.  I KNOW what I SHOULD do.  Will I?  Not sure yet.  The yarn is cotton/wool and having it smaller might not be a bad thing.  I will probably plow on and, when I’m at a point that I can try it on, I’ll see how bad it all is.   

I’ve hit my Yarn Comfort limit.  Actually, I’ve exceeded it.  Now when I see a yarn I like, I kind of get a sick feeling in my stomach.  I just got a package of Socks That Rock, with 5 different colorways, including enough to make a pair of socks for Tom (2 skeins for those).  It’s probably my last yarn purchase for a while.    WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!  I’ll post a photo of the great yarn – with color names – later this week.

So I’ve got to pull everything out and start matching pattern to yarn and KNIT IT!!!  Or sell it.  Because at this rate I’m never going to be able to buy anything at Rhinebeck.

OK.  I’m off to block my Mom’s "Horseshoe Shawl".

Here’s Wes, getting more enjoyment out of a cashmere sweater than I EVER did! (Don’t faint.  I bought it at Kohl’s – on sale. Wore it once. It’s just too much warmth for me.)



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  1. Now that’s the kitty life! I like the color of your sweaters. I’m having the same pit of the stomach feeling about my yarn stash! Thank you so much for looking for the IK issue for me. I FINALLY got the pattern, so I’m good to go! This was one time a knitting obsession was not fun and taught me I need to chill(lol)!

  2. Cute cat picture – and lucky cat to have cashmere to play with! I wish I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I buy yarn – I have so much of it already! See you next knitting group!

  3. Thank you for the kind words! The pumpkin hat 4 my lil’ punkin turned out good, but too tight, she’s growing so quickly! Started a 3rd hat.1st too loose, 2nd too tight, 3rd should be just right;)Don’t have a blog yet, but I feel it’s time to join the circle; thanks for asking 🙂

  4. Sorry you were the only one to show up for bowling :o( At least you were done quickly, right?

    Your knitting looks great! :o)

  5. Bink told me to say “hubba hubba” re: Wesleys cashmere pic.

    And…. I say gauge blinders… a good thing!

    Hear you on the whole yarn buying thing…. I’ve been trying to cut back too. Determined to thin the stash before I buy more! We’ll see….

  6. Yes, you know what you should do. The forbidden ripping. I had the same thing on that darn Wedgewood. I just kept going. And now it is just sitting in a bag.

    I have actually been throwing away the knitting catalogues that come. I can’t even let myself look at them. With this house thing, it feels like I’ll never buy yarn again. Please tell me it ain’t so!!

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