Last post updated with pictures. Check them out.

I got my final Secret Pal package on Friday.  Or should I say that Wes got my final package! LOL!

These trinkets plus a neat postcard gave me the clues that lead me to Jen!


She spoiled me GOOD!!! Seattle_fish Yeah, him too!

And we BOTH appreciate every fun package that came our way.

Tom and I finished our Adirondack Chair Workshop, yesterday. 


There were 6 people in the class. Someone was going to "win" the finished chair. We had both of our names in the hat, for the prize drawing.

Do the math.  2 names out of 6.  Pretty good chance we’d win, right?

WRONG!  You forgot to figure in the fact that we hardly ever win things!   Thank goodness for that shawl pin or we’d be at 100% for losing out.

The person that won the chair couldn’t even sit down in it, for the photo that Woodcraft took, because he has injured disks in his back.  It was a no brainer that he’d win!

I’ve gotten some knitting done but nothing worth a picture.  Imagine a 20" wide, 3" high band of black knitting on size 1 & 2 needles.  Yeah, thrilling, I know. 

The gauge for the sweater is based on the intarsia done on the front.  But I’m working on the back, without intarsia.  If it’s too small, I’m going to have to keep it for myself and make another one for Tom.


All photos taken with my new toy which has been approved of by Wesley.

2 thoughts on “

  1. hrmmmm…if I were Tom I’d be a bit suspicious of your motives…SURE you knit it too small by ‘accident’ *grin*

    I’m kidding, btw…in case you didn’t get the sarcasm… ;o)

  2. Hey Jess –

    I don’t know if I’d EVER, by choice, knit 2 intarsia projects in a row.

    The rule is I have to wait at least 18 months, so I forget the horror of intarsia, and then I’m willing to try again.

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