I always end up nowhere near my camera, with a cat velcro-ed to my leg, and even farther from the PC/Camera cord.  Tom ordered a PC Adapter card, for my camera. Once I have that, I promise to be better with the photo posting.  Really.

Yesterday was dental hell.  2 hours in the chair to finish my root canal.  The dentist wasn’t hurting me but my TMJ was another story.  The pain was so bad that I thought I’d never leave the chair.  I couldn’t close down because the dentist put in a mouth dam while he worked.  By the time I left there, I was very depressed. 

Today I’ve got a headache, but I think that’s allergies.  Mouth feels good (except where the needles went in.)

Before I dragged my butt to the dentist, Chris helped soothe my nerves by meeting me at Barnes & Noble with that package of yarn.  Loverly, beautiful YARN!


I should have taken it with me to the dentist, and I could have fondled it while he did his work.

Wesley had a GREAT day, too.

He received a package from Binky.  (The link is to her Mom’s blog.  I don’t think Binky can type, yet.)  She’s an adorable little girl that, apparently, has a crush on Wes.  Love_letter

Sniff!  6 months old and, already, he’s got a girlfriend!

Beautiful_close_up_1 "I’m a heartbreaker, I AM!"

I have to make him write a thank you note.  Being a boy, he doesn’t know anything about "social graces".

He spent most of the afternoon playing with his new "gifties" Mousie Tiny mouse, big appeal

Lambie This is his lamb.  The only way I can get a picture of it is if I take it away from him!

and Tom and I spent most of the afternoon/evening retrieving his gifties from under the couch and my armoir.  I’ve never seen him go this nuts over a toy, other than a paper ball or bag. 

I got some gifties, too!  Thanks Binky’s Mom!

OK.  Gotta go back and fondle my yarn some more.

4 thoughts on “

  1. I’m thinking Wes is a little young to have a girlfriend! Hope you feel better soon. Dental work is hell!

  2. Ouch! I hate those mouth dams. Hope it is getting better soon.

    Girls are suckers for those bright blue eyes!

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