Knitting content?

I finished my Green Gables!  Hooray for me!  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture because Tom took the camera disk converter card to work with him.  The camera is here on the table…laughing at me. BASTARD CAMERA!

I enjoyed working on the GG BUT the back and front of the neck are doing a little rolling.  I’m hoping that blocking will stop that but I doubt it.  Has anyone done this sweater and have a cure for the neck rolls?  (Liz?  Can ya hear me?)


Feeling better, thank you very much!  Thursday, I get the rest of the root canal done and won’t have to walk around with a hole where a tooth should be. (Too bad they can’t fix that GAPING hole where my brain should live.)

Garden Stuff?

Good.  Here’s one of the hauls from last week.


The day after this photo, we carried in about a dozen ears of corn, 2 yellow squash and another 6 cukes.


Adorable, as usual.


He’s working on his juggling act. For when I ship him off to the circus if he doesn’t behave.

I’d also be showing a picture of the Fantabulous shawl pin that Chris made for ME!  But, again, camera, Tom, blah, blah, blah.  Check out her Etsy shop, if you’re in the market for a shawl pin.

Tomorrow the contractor comes to fix the leak damage in our den wall.  The damage that’s been there since freaking April.  Who thinks he’s going to get the job done in 4 days, like he told us? 

Yeah, me neither.

I’m planning on bugging out of the house and running over to Amy’s for a bit of knitting time, while he’s here.

4 thoughts on “

  1. I can hear you!

    My GG rolled at the neck only a tiny bit. Blocking definitely makes it better.

    I also used a cable cast-on though, and the pattern calls for a backwards loop cast on. What cast on did you use?

  2. Yay! Purple gables is finished – perhaps a row of single crochet might help the rollage? I dunno, have to look upon it.
    I’m glad you like your pin – and I wish you had a camera so I could see all the gables.

  3. Gaping holes in the mouth are bad. All that food collection problem.

    I love your veggie haul. I hope to have good looking veggies in our new yard!

    Alright Wes, I want to see you juggle two things at once now. 🙂

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