I had a week that, mostly, I’d like to forget.  It ended with my face looking like this


Notice anything strange? I’m not talking about the blotchy skin and no make-up. NO ONE shall speak of that. ‘K?

Here’s the tale.

Sunday night – little pain in upper left teeth.  Doesn’t last long.  Denial works just fine.

Monday evening – Pain starts again.  Radiating thru 4 teeth in ever increasing throbs.  Hard to concentrate on "Hell’s Kitchen".

Tuesday morning –  I give in and call my dentist.  I don’t like him and have been wanting to switch.  They get me back with a bit of dental karma when I find out they’re on vacation until the 14th.  I call the "substitute" dentist and they agree to see me NOW.  2 x-rays and some poking/prodding/air blowing later, they determine it’s a sinus infection, not dental, because my son-of-a-bitch teeth don’t hurt (at that moment in time).

I call the allergist and they make room for me for an afternoon appointment.  I get a ‘scrip for antibiotics and away I go.

Wednesday all day – Can’t close my teeth together because of the pain in my upper jaw.  I’m thinking "I’ve never had a sinus infection kick my butt like this".    As a result, I can’t eat any solid food. Living on Advil.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning –  ONE tooth and gum start to throb around 7pm and DOES. NOT. STOP. THROBBING. for 12 hours. (I had to watch the "Project Runway" elimination in between bouts of salt water rinses).  Mouth laughs at my feeble attempt to stop the pain with Advil.  I switch to 12 hour Midol – which is Naproxin (and because misery loves company, I start getting "cramps").  I don’t get to sleep until around 4:30 am.

Thursday morning – I call "substitute" dentist to tell them about the pain.  Why should I be the only one suffering?  They’re gonna hear it from me.  I’m told that they’re sure it’s my sinuses.

Still no eating.  Bitchiness ensues.  Tom behaves like a doll and does stuff that I can’t, around the house.

And the antibiotics, they’re not helping at this point.

Friday (almost done) – I took my lop-sided, swollen face to get a haircut.  Tom walks in and tells me that, while he was getting his allergy shots, he mentioned my symptoms.  They want to see me ASAP.  I go over to the allergist (Covered in hair. Lovely.) and he does a tap dance on my teeth with a tongue depressor.  I nearly kick him in the…ahem…nuts.  He says my problem is dental.  Then he goes the extra step and calls around for a dentist that can see me right away.  On. A. Friday. Afternoon.  One of the nurses mentions her dentist and they can see me.

Tom drives to work (1 hour trip) and then decides that he’s going to come home so he can take me to the dentist.  See?  A doll!  Let’s not mention the 25 minutes he took, while I was waiting to be seen, to drive to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy golf balls.  He’s only human!

Friday afternoon?  Oh.  Just a partial root canal, thank you very much.  3 sessions with the "numbing needle (I’m a tough numb-er) and 2 hours in the "chair of darkness".

Today – Saturday – pain free. Except for the pain in my neck, from laying on the "rack" for those 2 hours.  Golly.  I must have been a bit tense.  Still have a swollen face but I can chew (on the other side until I get the root canal finished up).

On the UP side – I could have had that root canal done by a dentist (the substitute) that reminded me of…let’s just say that his knuckles didn’t QUITE drag on the ground.

And I have a new dentist!  Oh JOY of joys.

Thus ends the tale of "Puffy L".

I’ve made some progress on the Green Gables.  About 5 more inches and the body is done.


And I’m going to cast on for Tom’s Drunken Argyle vest, today.

Wesley is doing the growing thing.  Check out these comparison photos.





Tom’s size has not changed. Wes is starting to be slightly more than a handful.


While typing up this post, I got a phone call.  My dear friend and bowling teammate, Erma, passed away last night. 

She was 94 and lived a wonderful, fascinating life.  She had been working on a book of her life and I hope that, one day, I will be able to read it.

I loved this lady.  I believe that she’s safe, happy and at peace, now.

God Bless You, Erma.


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends passing – I’m sending a big hug your way. And the week you had – I’m thinking kicking some dentist butt might actually make you feel better. Glad you’re on the mend – your going to need your energy to keep up with that growning kitten!

  2. *speechless*

    You win, your week was WAY worse than my whole MONTH ;o)

    I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing :o(

  3. What a week you’re having. I hope you continue to heal from your root canal (eek!), and my sympathies for your lovely friend.

  4. Oh Laurie – what a week you’ve had! I’m glad your poor mouth is finally feeling better and you have my sincere sympathy at the loss of your friend. It may all be true that she is in a better place and happier now, but you still experience the loss. Hugs…

  5. Ohhhh Laurie…. Hope you are feeling better since the root canal. I am sorry to hear of your friends passing. Wesley is one handsome boy!

  6. hahahahahahahah… the monster kitty groweth *grin* Just wait… slightly more than a handful pretty quick turns into two big armfuls of loving, adoring, soft as silk and loudly purring kitty… 🙂

  7. So sorry to hear about the dental agony! And your friend passing. What a horrible week. Next week will be better.

  8. A sinus infection with symptoms in your teeth?? I’m happy to hear you found yourself a real dentist Laurie. Hope you called that idiot who diagnosed the sinus infection.

    Green Gables is looking lovely!!

    Wesley is such a little cutie!!

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

  9. OOOOOO! I’ve spent a long night or two waiting to see the dentist for a root canal…I can’t believe you had to wait DAYS to get relief!!!! So sorry! Jane

  10. Wow – what a post full of ups and downs! Sorry about the root canal – ick. Did you tell the dentist (the on-call dude) about the misdiagnosis?

    Sorry about Erma too – she has a wonderful smile, one of those that I bet you see in person and you have no choice but to smile right back. Infectious!

    And Wes… growing so fast! Of course, since we had our kids (har) at about the same time I imagine that you are still dealing with the same kitten issues. Just now… they can jump higher. Sigh. hehe


  11. Sorry to hear about Erma – I hope that she is up there knocking a few pins down. 🙂

    Oh my goodness that is a horrific story about your mouth. Sounds like you have a great allergist though, really went the extra mile. And so good to get a dentist that you like. Once I had the “second” dentist work on a filling and it took him 3 times to get the numbing right. He would start to drill and I would scream out in pain. I made a point of avoiding him in the future and whenever I spoke his name I would spit on the ground! 🙂

    Glad you are doing better though.

    I love the two pics of Tom/Wes. That boy is growing! (Wes, not Tom).

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