A good time was had, in Atlantic City, for Tom’s birthday.

Would we go back to the Borgata? 

Probably not.  It’s not that it’s a bad place.  But we had to wait 40 minutes on a Disney-like check-in line.  The layout of the property was confusing and, even though we walked a LOT, we still got lost trying to find certain restaurants.  Most casinos have above-head signs, leading you towards an area.  The Borgata only had floor signs at "crossroads".  So, by the time you were right ON a store, you didn’t know where it was.

When Tom told them it was his birthday, the check-in clerk started singing to him.  Cute.  But no free buffet.  We’re all about the free-meal-on-a-birthday thingy.  When we went to Vegas, the Rio gave us BOTH a free buffet dinner because it was my birthday.  That’s how to make people happy, darn it!  You donate money to their casino, you’d think they could spare $30 for dinner.  SHEESH!  Even Cracker Barrel gave him a free dessert.  Granted, it was breakfast time and he didn’t WANT a free dessert.  But it’s the principle, people.

The small amount of food we ate was good.  It was Tom’s choice and we had Ben & Jerry’s for dinner.  (Who’s surprised at that?) I love a hotel that has a name brand ice cream shop inside.  Yeah, we could have eaten at Bobby Flay’s.  But HE doesn’t have Chunky Monkey!

Now, if it had been an Alton Brown restaurant, I’m SO there! (I’ve got ALL of his "Good Eats" shows on DVD.  Didn’t buy them.  Recorded them and took out all of the commercials. Now THAT’S a collection!)  Have you seen "Feasting on Asphalt"?  Good stuff, I tell you.

The Borgata is not next to any other casino.  So, unless you want to drive somewhere else, you’re there for the duration.

Tom took this photo, from our hotel room.


Usually we’re staying at one of those tall buildings in the distance.  That’s the boardwalk casino area.  You can stay at Caesar’s and walk over to Bally’s or Harrah’s or heaven help us Trump. 

We did the breakfast buffet before leaving.  That line only took us about 25 minutes to get thru.  However when I ordered hot tea, the waiter brought over a lovely box that he left on the table.  When we got back from pillaging choosing our breakfast, I was wondering why there was a large cigar box on the table.  (Darn it!  I should have taken a picture of it!!!)

It was filled with a selection of Mighty Leaf Tea. 

Now, I LOVES me some tea, so the choice was difficult for me.  I chose Green Tea Tropical which was a lovely blend with pineapple and guava.  When I tore open the foil pouch, I was surprised that there was a REAL tea bag in there.  Nope.  Not a paper filter bag.  But a pretty, silk looking tea bag that was machine stitched.

I guess I need to get out more.

When I was trying to reach a pastry dish that had been set back on the counter, an elderly man was waiting for me to make my choice.  I looked at him and said "I’m too short for this place."  He smiled at me, looked me up and down and said….oh, I could cry…"Don’t worry, you’re just right."

DAMN!  It had me smiling all the way back to the table.  5 words and I was a teenager, again.

We took a trip to IKEA, on our way home.  It’s been about 6 years since we set a foot inside an IKEA and I’ve missed them!  We didn’t buy anything, but got a few good ideas for Tom’s office.  I might have found a nice desk and some bookcases for the craft room, too.  The thinking stage is always a long one, here at Chez Lorenzo.

My Mom had fun watching her "grand-kit".  He slept most of the time.  Mostly because she wasn’t about to start running all over the house playing "Where’s Wesley?".  But he didn’t poop in her shoes and purred when she pet him.  I’d call that a good baby-sitting gig, for anyone.

CalmHe say’s he’s completely innocent, no matter what Grandma says.

At almost 6 months, he’s not getting into that long and leggy stage.  I think he’s just going to go from being a kitten to being a TANK.

I’ve made some progress on the Green Gables tee.  Another 3 rounds and I’m going to start the decreases.

The heat has finally broken and every living thing around here is happy.T_lula

Tallulah is happy.


The cucumber plants are happy (and 1 of the pepper plants).  We’re not going to get any zucchini, tho.  The first plant has nothing to pollinate it, because the 2nd plant died.  I’m a little sad about that because I was looking forward to making some chocolate chip/orange zucchini breads.

Happy Is GOOD.

Now I’m going to go and knit…and be HAPPY!

5 thoughts on “

  1. Zucchini needs another plant to pollinate it? I am such a poor gardener! Well, we had one zucchini, but I don’t know how it got pollinated. And no cukes or tomatoes in the PNW yet.

    Happy Birthday, Tom!

    Wes is innocent!

  2. Wow!! You have been one busy, traveling blogger now haven’t you Laurie!! The kitties are soooooooo cute!!! Haven’t seen one of your snaps yet, however, a few of mine from last summer resurfaced.

  3. hey that is a lotta cukes!! At least we know your eyes won’t be puffy at all! That and you can have cucumber sandwiches to go with your tea at high noon.
    Too bad about the zucchini…love me some zucchini bread.

  4. Ohh yeah.. look at that kittie’s paws! A tank for SURE! My “little” lizzy looked tiny like that at first.. but now at just 10 months, she’s easily 15 pounds! They are absolutely the most awesome, loving cats though… with real personalities. It’s amazing sometimes! I have pics on my blog from time to time of her. I’m going to bookmark your blog so I can watch your baby grow. Too CUTE!

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