Hose free for 5 more years.

Yup.  All went well with my colonoscopy.  For those that haven’t gone yet, it’s a big nothing.  Other than the day before – with the fasting and drinking icky stuff – you’re zonked out for the procedure.  Then you wake up and they give you juice and you go out to breakfast.  The end. (Ha-HA!  I kill me!)

I’ve gotten some knitting in, this week.  Green Gable T is moving alongGreen_gable   and I’m down to the toe decreases on the Cedar Creek socksSockk . I think the foot looks freaky long.

I told Tom that once I’m done with the socks, I’m going to start his Drunken Argyle golf vest.  We finally did the measuring and it looks like I won’t have to play with any numbers on the size.  Thank goodness!

Wes made a new friend.  I wish I could have gotten the image that I saw about 10 seconds before this one.


They had been nose-to-nose, at the glass.  Is this an omen?  Are we about the win the Powerball? I guess we’d have to buy a ticket first, huh?

Last year Bucky had made friends with this pretty girl (I’m guessing it’s a girl), and we nicknamed her "Tallulah".

Tallelujah  We hadn’t seen her for a while, but she’s back and guarding the back of our house.

House-guarding cats without having to pay for their food or litter.  Not too bad.  As long as they stay the hell out of my veggie garden.Zucchini

Next week is Tom’s birthday, so I’m taking him to Atlantic City for the night.  My Mom’s driving from LI to babysit Wesley.  She calls him her "Grand-Kit". 

Yes, he’s just a cat.  But in reality he’s a 5 month old kitten that’s on his way to being a very spoiled cat and very "companion oriented".  So I won’t leave him alone for 30 hours.  So there.Wes_1

3 thoughts on “

  1. well crap I think I knit the leg part of the damned sock too long.

    Glad to hear your hosing went well :o)

    Happy B-Day to Tom!

  2. Glad to hear that the pipes are in working order!

    Wes looks smitten with his new friend. Watch out!

    I can’t wait to see you start on that argyle vest. I really like the pattern and want to make it for my hubby. But there are a few things already on the list for him. (I can’t make too many things for him, you know!)

    That last picture of Wes is precious, with his bright blue eyes! I don’t blame you for not wanting to leave him alone.

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