Vets and Doctors and Yarn, OH MY!

We took Wes to the vet and…wait for it…HE’S OK!  Test came back clear.  Whoo-hoo!Dsc01728

He took the news well.

And the villagers rejoiced.Dsc01722

Tom’s got some funky stuff going on with his left thumb.  It doesn’t bother him when he plays golf, but it might mean bad things for his bowling. This means a trip to the orthopedic surgeon this week.  More news later.

I got another package from my fantastic Secret Pal. Sp_sock_candy Check it out!  It’s Sock Candy by Blue Moon Fiber Arts – colorway: Scaponia.  Beautiful colors, no?  There’s 200 yards so my SP suggested I do toe-up socks, just to make sure I have enough yarn.

It’s made from 96% Cotton and 4% Elite.  What’s Elite?

More progress on the Green Gables T.  I’m starting to get the Wes nap/Laurie Knit thing down.  Ignore the shadows from the window, ok?

Gg I like this pattern.  Once I got past the lace section it’s easy-breazy.  I just hope I have enough yarn.  The pattern called for 3 skeins of Cotton Fleece and I’m almost done with the first skein.

You know how, when you’re about to go on a diet, you stuff yourself silly?  I may be doing that with yarn/knitting accessories/patterns.

Here’s this week’s haul.


2 colors of Sonata and a Rebecca magazine from Elann. Jo Sharp Silkroad dk from WEBS. 3 patterns from Jimmy Beans. A rug knitting book from Barnes & Noble (it was 75% off, for cripes sake!). 

Some people would call that a good week.  I’m starting to feel a bit "bloated".

Good thing I’m having my first colonoscopy, this week (terror approaches).  That day of liquid fasting should make me feel much better (pure terror, I tell you.  One of my worst fears is not being able to eat – and here it comes).

Wes said he’d be with me the whole way.  Right up until I leave the house.  He’s a trooper, he is.


8 thoughts on “

  1. Yay Wes is all better!! – now just hoping that Tom will be just fine too!

    I say you go ahead and stuff up on yarn supplies. You need to get your fiber somehow. And good luck with the rear thingy. I would be feeling slight terror as well. Good luck!! That sounds kinda odd, but I wish it just the same!

  2. I saw your comment at Jessalu . . . check your listings. At least where I am, Eureka is being repeated tonight from 7:00 to 9:00….

  3. Yay!!! Wes is ok!!! I hope Tom is going to be ok too. Is that SONATA I see there??? Nice haul – sometimes we need to fill our selves up with fibery goodness.

    Let me know what time friday and where!

  4. Yay! Wes is going to make it! :o)

    Now we just need to get Tom fixed up and you…well…um…checked. ;o) My mom gets ‘checked’ once a year and she’s made it each and every time so I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine ;o)

  5. Elite is a stretchy fiber – here is what I could find about it:
    “Elité is a new fiber with innovative features in the world of fashion and clothes : elastic but soft, strong without being harsh, it is easy to dye and helps to maintain a comfortable microclimate around the body. The particular elastic qualities of Elité are developed in all three dimensions so that they create a bulk, unlike ordinary elastic yarns, which only develop in a linear direction.”

  6. I am so glad that Wes has been given the clean bill of health! Good luck with the other health “issues”.

  7. I forgot to say that your Green Gables looks very nice! I like that color purple a lot.

  8. Woohoo!!!!! Glad to hear Wes is healthy. That is quite a haul you’ve got there 🙂
    Good luck with your test next week.

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