When I walked into Starbucks, today, 2 of the baristas said "Oh, I have bad news for you!".  Not that I go there that often, of course.

They told me that, as of September, they will no longer be carrying their Valencia Syrup.

Now, last year they discontinued selling their Mocha Powder to the public. (Strike 1)  I had to go onto e-bay and buy the (slightly different) mocha powder that they use behind the counter.

I’ve been drinking Mocha Valencia’s (iced and hot) for about 7 years. 

Let me tell you – not so good without the Valencia!

With the 2 barista machines we have at home, it’s taken us a few months to figure out the correct proportions of the new powder to Valencia, for the perfect drink.

I’m beginning to take this personally!!!

If you have the time, please go here and tell them that you want them to KEEP STOCKING the Valencia Syrup.

My sanity, what’s left of it, depends on it.

I thank you.Dsc01679

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  1. It is of my opinion that things should never be discontinued or removed.

    For instance there used to be this cafe nearby where I used to work. They had the best, the absolute best turkey club sandwich. So delicious. Then they changed management and it changed. Pissed me off royally.

    I sympathize.

  2. I am grumpy that they discontinued the malt powder as I lived on mocha malt frappuccinos before the order to cut down on caffeine. Apparently, I was the only person who ever ordered malt 🙂

    My new obsession is Caribou Coffee’s cold press coffees. The iced white chocolate is smoother and tastier than any iced coffee I can recall drinking.

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