Ab-So-Lute-Ly N O T H I N G!

Well, maybe something.

I had a great time with my Mom and Amy, at the TKGA show in King of Prussia, yesterday.

We hoofed around for 4 hours.  Touching yarn. Ogling patterns.

I got a little too friendly with parts of Amy – but it was crowded and I kept bumping into her!  Good thing she’s my friend or I’d have a black-eye. 

I got ticked at a vendor and bitched for the rest of the day for having a sweater model on display – along with the pattern – and then telling me that they didn’t have the pattern for sale.  I’d have to order it thru their web site.  I went to the site today and the shipping is $1 less than the pattern.  That steams me.  They should have some sort of "knitting show" discount when they don’t have the item on hand.  And if they DID have the pattern, I might have been swept away and bought the yarn from them, as well. 

Instant Gratification is what these shows are all about.

Amy got 2 patterns from a vendor and they told her the shipping was free for the pattern they didn’t have with them.

THAT’s what I’m talking about!

OK.  So here’s the NEW stash flash – thought it’s not all mine.

Patterns_1 Horseshoe Lace Scarf pattern from The Elegant Ewe (I bought this for Amy) and Wrapped In Splendor shell by Sudha Mehta.  The shell was on display and was YUMMY in silk La Luz yarn.

Patterns_2 Knitting Pure & Simple Neckdown Summer Cardigan pattern and the The Seville Jacket by Oat Couture (both for Mom).

Ruby_goat (BAD color photo) Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Ruby River (Mom’s purchase).  (Can’t remember the vendor.  Should I have been taking notes?) Mom’s not a big spender, when it comes to yarn.  Always Lion Brand and such.  But she couldn’t resist and I was so PROUD of her!

Trekking Trekking XXL in color 36 (Amy bought this for me!  We LOVE Amy!) The color – in person – is so much richer than this.  I just can’t get my camera to play nice with reds…or blues…or purples.  Alas.

Db_red Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton in Red (from Yarnings).  A beautiful shade of red.  My FAVORITE shade of red.  12 balls for $51.  I couldn’t say no and this was the ONLY yarn I bought for myself.

I also bought Mom a ball of Zephyr in curry, for a shawl.

Mom was such a trooper, with all of that walking!  Her back "went out" on her, just as we were finishing up, but she had such a good time she didn’t complain much.

Amy_and_mom An astonishing photo, of Mom and Amy.  Astonishing because my Mom let me take it.  She HATES having her picture taken.  It was like stalking a gazelle on the veldt.  I took it so fast that the window sticker Amy was holding came out blurry.  You have to quick when photographing a gazelle!

We got to feel -finally- some Euroflax Linen (not my cuppa). Also felt-up some Bamboo, Soy and Maize.  A gardener’s dream!  You can knit with it or you can eat it. 

I even had one of my nails "decorated". Please disregard the bad cuticles. Flower_nail Mom wouldn’t let me buy the kit for this. Pout.

And THAT, my friends, was the night the lights went out – at 9:30pm, from sheer exhaustion – in PA!

In other news…

A bit of Project Runway talk

Didn’t you just LOVE the shag, floor rug, coat?  And the coffee filter dress?  I thought both were great!

My hands are feeling better, I’m pretty sure.  I haven’t tried to knit so I have to hope.  Tom just left for work and, after tossing in ANOTHER load of wash, I’m going to try to knit a bit.

Now be a deer and have a great Sunday.


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  1. What were they thinking having a model there and not having the pattern or yarn? Are they brain dead?? 🙂 I’m right with you – very justified bitch fest.

    Mm your DB Wool Cotton looks yummy!

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