Yesterday, being the Grande Dame Clutz, I fell down a few stairs.  Pulled my left shoulder and hurt both hands.  They’re pretty sore and I can’t type much.  Can’t even freaking knit!  That’s worse!!!

Luckily, last night was the premier of "Project Runway" and all of my pain just slipped away.

Met up with Amy and Chris, this AM.  Damn! I really enjoy getting together and yapping.  I had to leave early because because Tom and I were going to the movies.

We saw the newest "Pirates of the Caribbean".  Fun movie.  Long, but fun.  How long?  Long enough for me to take 2 sips of water and then suffer thru the last hour, having to pee! (Translation: 151 minutes).  All of that water.  sigh.

Blah, blah, blah.

Anywho…my Mom’s coming for a visit and we’re going (with Amy) to the Knitting/Crocheting Show on Saturday.  Just a 6 hour brief jaunt thru the marketplace.  Fondling yarn. Drooling over patterns.  Not buying a THING, I’m sure!  (I’ll post a picture on Sunday, of all of the NOTHING that Mom and I bought.)

OK.  That’s all my digits can handle.  I’m off for some Tylenol and the elimination show of "So You Think You Can Dance".

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  1. I’m going to try and sneak out on Saturday to the show too. I have my in-laws and other assorted relatives on Saturday. Argh!

  2. Ouch – I thought you might be more sore as the day wore on, but I didn’t want to say that to you, just in case my bad luck rubbed off onto you! I hope you feel better – keep the pain medications pretty constant – at least till you can knit!! I had a great time too, and you guys really cheered me!

  3. Ouch – I hope you heal quickly. That darn klutziness. Sometimes I feel I just learned to walk on my two feet!

    I can’t wait to see that movie – I had heard through the grapevine that it was long, better not go to the late show.

    I hope you have fun buying nothing! And I definately want to see all the nothing! Have fun.

  4. Ack! The fall sounds horrible. I hope you heal quickly. I hope at least that you feel well enough to carry all the bags of goodies that you are not buying on Saturday. Hugs, SP8

  5. Ick – Hope thingas are getting back to normal? It’s lousy when normal activities are painful. Hope you’re knitting up a storm soon!

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