Got_gauge_2 This baby got a lot of use, last week.  We measured 7" over the course of 5 days.

Lucky for us, we’re on "higher ground", in this house.  Every other place we’ve lived has had "bad water juju". 

  • Getting out of bed and hitting water up to our ankles (basement apartment).
  • Landlord not turning on our water supply – which we didn’t figure out until we’d been there about 4 months!  Don’t ask me how.
  • Storage in basement flooding so bad that everything ended up moldy.
  • Rain flowing thru the kitchen windows when we had an "unconfirmed" tornado.  (It twisted out trees, don’t give ME unconfirmed!)
  • Salt water bucket (for fish tank) flipping and water leaked thru floor, onto water heater.  Rusted a hinge in about 3 weeks.
  • Most recently, the "leaking new roof" episode". Which, by the by, the freaking roofer STILL hasn’t come by to check out the water damage to our walls.

On the "up" side?  I haven’t had to water the garden for over 2 weeks.  The corn is as high as a very tiny elephants eye.

Check out the LUXURY apartments, at the end of our road. The lovely, brown water is the parking lot.  Last year, during the flood season, the water went to the top of the stairs.  Too bad we hadn’t already bought this house.  We probably would have been right at home in these units.Luxury_apt_1

Here’s the silver lining, to all of the rain.


Wesley is doing better.  Latest medication will be finished in another week and, I HOPE, that’s the end to this episode of "How the kitty’s stomach churns".

He’s been letting me knit…as long as I do it while he’s sleeping.  And he’s thinking of modelling. (Remember, kids, plastic shopping bags are NOT a toy!  Unless you’re a kitten and can’t read.)






Innocent (yeah, right)



I hope everyone has a safe, long weekend.  Don’t end up like "Susan".


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey-I am first!!!!

    Happy almost 4th-btw!

    Wes is too freakin’ cute, I could eat him w/ a spoon. Not much new-just going to b-b-qs and working on the laundry rm. Will talk to you soon.


  2. So sorry about all the rain out east! I wish I could make it leave and wind its way over here to the Midwest. We NEED rain BAD! My garden/perennials/pots/etc look awful, even though I water daily. It is just so hot (mid-90s), dry as a bone, and HUMID! Everything is drooping! Glad you found time to knit! And thanks for info about pansies awhile back–I feel much better now about mine!

  3. We’re supposed to go spelunking er, I mean go into the basement today…last time we had this much rain there was a foot of it down there…I’m skeered.

    Very cute kitty – and nice flowers! :o)

  4. Ick I hate water problems. Once we came home to our apartment to find one of our bedrooms flooded, the light fixtures flooded and most all the carpets wet. Turns out they were installing a new washer unit upstairs, ran it and “forgot” to hook up the hoses right. It was such a mess.

    Your flower is pretty though and as always, Wes is a cutie! Hope these final meds will kick the crud for good!

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