While I continue my day of "Wes-letics**", hop on over (or hip-hop, for those that like to dance) to Amy‘s blog and wish her a happy birthday.  She’s in her LATE twenties, now. 

Really! (Do you think I want her to kick my butt, the next time I see her?)


All of us, at Chez Lorenzo, LOVE YOU!

Wes hopes you get THIS many presents.


**Wes-letics – The process of lowering ones-self to the floor, using a yoga-like movement, in order to find cat toys that have been strategically chased under furniture.  This MUST be done at least 5,000 times a day, for optimum benefit (for the cat).

2 thoughts on “

  1. At least the cat can’t BARK at you to get the toy. Look on the bright side! Besdies, he sure is a cutie!

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