And then there were three…

After a Panera breakfast with Amy, we took the 4 millisecond drive to Barnes & Noble to meet up with Chris.

Just like when I met Amy, I liked Chris immediately.  I thought to myself, "She’s so familiar."

Turns out she’s from LI, too.  And she reminds me of one of my SIL’s.

There was some ACTUAL knitting going on.  All 3 of us were knitting socks.  Amy on dpn’s, Chris on 2 circulars and me on 1 circular.

It was like one of those exercise classes where there are 3 teachers showing different levels of difficulty.

Except all of our methods were easy.

And there was no exercising going on.

And no one was watching us.  OK, it was nothing like that, at all.

And, thanks to Megan (the poor cafe worker, trying to haul a huge cart full of food stuff) for taking our picture.  She had to take 3 pictures ’cause we all had our cameras. I told Megan I’d mention her and make her a STAR!

3_kip_ers_1 Amy, Chris, Me

See?  Amy is holding YARN!  There are knitting books on the table (along with the life-blood of frappachino’s and latte).

And, no, I’m not wearing white stockings.  That’s the color of my legs.  My "summer tan".  But I digress.

It’s so exciting meeting other knitters!  No one else can quite understand the level of your yarn obsession.  Your insanity over the latest knitting magazine.

I had a great time and look forward to our next meet-up.

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  1. Wandered over here from somewhere…and I love it here! I am wondering, how do you knit socks on one circular needle? I am dying to learn to knit socks and I don’t know how to use dpns yet, so this intrigues me. Wander on over to my blog if you can!

  2. wow! We look good! That Megan, she’s a top notch picture taker. You guys were great and it was so much fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had fun!

    I like your new blog home. I’ll be sure to update my links

    I’m searching for a new blog home since I have maxed out my blogspirit account. It’s very time-consuming 😐

  4. My brothers used to call me “blueberry yogurt legs” and “white crayola crayon legs” because my legs are so white. Then I discovered self-tanning moisturizers, and I must say, I consider it a public service to use them daily in the summertime.

    I do love your new blog design – looks great!

  5. Isn’t it great to meetup with people you don’t even know and yet are so easy to get along with. I swear, knitters are the best!

    Oh, and I totally have a “summer tan” going on too! Ha!

  6. Haha summer tan – I swear I am blinding people with my white skin these days. I look down at myself in my skirt and say “what is wrong with this picture”? Oh yeah I’m freakishly white!

    I love your new site as well. So purdy.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful evening!! Barnes & Noble is a happening place!! The Tuesday Night Knitters in Richmond, VA meet therek, too. I was in town and met with them and felt an instant connection that only other fiber people would understand. How do you like knitting socks on 1 circular?? I want to try it. Is it hard to understand how to adapt DPN sock patterns to knit on 1 circular?? Would love for you visit my blog, too. I’ve listed yours as a link on my site. Enjoy keeping up with yours.

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