Fri_6_16 The sock reminded me that my car needed some Spring maintenance.  Really, I think it just wanted to get out of the bag and have some fresh air.

I got a package from my Secret Pal!  Whoo-hoo!Sp_june_1

  • Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi (been wanting that for quite a while)
  • A "Dangler" for my car – or more likely my bathroom mirror – it’s an adorable sheep!Sp_june_2
  • A box of Cougar Mountain Gourmet Cookies in Ballpark (Chocolate chunks, peanuts and toffee)
  • That little gold box?  Yummy and half gone! Columbia Cabernet Truffles
  • A skein of Fiesta Starburst La Boheme in Burnished Red

I love that the cookies and candy are local treats, to my SP.  She’s in the Pacific Northwest.  How’s that for narrowing it down?  And everything was wrapped in a pretty purple paper.


The yarn has some beautiful colors in it and I don’t know which Mobius I’ll make, with it.Sp_june_3

So as rotten as I felt, I still had some cheery stuff going on.

Today?  It’s wash day.  Make sure to check for "pests" before you put everything away.


One thought on “

  1. Did the sock receive an oil change as well? Check it’s brake pads?

    Lovely secret pal package. That Fiesta is lovely.

    Hey where is the elusive Satchel….. 🙂

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