Achoo! How are you?


I left the house with knitting bag in hand.  Feverish to do some knitting.  ANY knitting. This "Knitting Diet by Kitten" is starting to make me twitchy.

Drove to Starbucks for caffeinated sustenance and then to Amy’s.

Eyes glazed over, I entered her house, clutching my knitting bag and HTML/Blog books.

"Almost there", I thought.  "A few more steps and I’ll be clicking away.  Long circular flying thru the cuff of my 2nd Cedar Creek Sock."

Instead, we ended up working on Amy’s blog.

I love doing this type of stuff and really didn’t mind.  I tweaked and wheedled her code to submit to my inept skilled fingers. (Translation: changed green to pink and put up a Blogroll list – Whoo-hoo!  I. Are. A. Genius.)

And I messed with her Favorites folders (because I like ’em organized).  She’s probably cursing me right now – "Where the frick did she put my knitting folder?!?".

And I succeeded in signing her off of Blogger.  I do it all the time with my stuff.  Always sign off.  Amy doesn’t sign off.  This resulted in about 20 minutes of trying to remember her sign on name and password.  I’m sorry, Amy!  She handled it well. 

Then I had to rush home to meet some folks.  They didn’t show up.  It was raining by their house and they didn’t want to come out in the rain.  Wasn’t raining by us, thank you very much.  So I missed a lunch of sirloin and potatoes (burgers and fries) at Amy’s.  It looked so good that I made Tom take me to TGI Fridays for a burger.   Yummmmmm, burgers.


Bowling Rules Committee Meeting (6 ladies sitting around and having lunch outside).  We didn’t have any rules changes so it was a fun lunch.  Kind of like your tax dollars at work.

Run to the allergist so he could fill my knitting bag with samples.  I hated answering him when he said "Last time I saw you was in December.  What’s changed?"

I don’t think I’m very dumb, but I had to say "We have a cat, now.", and then think "And don’t EVEN start on me about how a cat is bad for my allergies.  I have pointy sticks!"

How could you NOT love this?


Now I’m taking 4 different meds for my allergies (thanks, Wesley) instead of 1.  Plus my 3 allergy shots a week.

Up-side?  I got to knit 5 rounds on that sock cuff.Dsc01532

  Hooray allergy shots!

Wesley Update

He’s getting better.  The new mix of medications seems to be doing him some good.  Now he’s got even MORE energy (God help me!).

Usually, when we leave the house, he goes up into his cat tree and sleeps.

Today, while Tom and I were watering the veggies, Wes was inside experiencing his first time on the dining room table. ( EW! This is NOT something that I allow, so there will be some thought on how to keep him off the counters and tables.)  I found this out when I got back inside and the napkins were all over the floor, in the dining room.  This cat loves paper products.  He should be the next spokescat for the paper industry. 

"I love paper balls, magazines, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, towelling tubes, toilet paper tubes, napkins, balled up tissues…" 

He could start the Bubba Wes Paper Company.

So it was only natural that he’d leap (with the help of my chair not being pushed in) on the napkins that we left on the table.  And the sheets of my garden layout.  I found one of them in the kitchen, on the floor, with tiny teeth marks in it.

He tried to blame Tom, but Tom had been with me.  Sly cat.

One thought on “Achoo! How are you?

  1. So happy that Wes is feeling better. I deal with cat allergies, although they aren’t as bad as when I was a kid. And with our cats it has never been too much of a problem – must be used to their dander/hair or something.

    Mmmm TGIF…must go there for Jack Daniels steak and shrimp….yum

    Alright 5 rounds..that must be a record or something. 🙂

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